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Why Do We Fear Innovation? With Yuval Noah Harari and Mayim Bialik.

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    Wednesday,05 May
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    05:00 PM
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Leaps Talk: Why Do We Fear Innovation? A conversation featuring actress, author, and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and historian, philosopher, and bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari, moderated by Tech Open Air founder Niko Woischnik. Presented by Leaps by Bayer. After the talk, a live Q&A session with Yuval Noah Harari will take place.


A conversation featuring actress, author, and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and historian, philosopher, and bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari, moderated by Tech Open Air founder Niko Woischnik. Live Q&A with Yuval Noah Harari after the conversation. Presented by Leaps by Bayer.

From the printing press to vaccines to artificial intelligence, the introduction of almost any transformative technology has been met with wonder as well as fear and rejection. Many of history’s greatest inventors were considered heretics – the archetype of the mad scientist exists for a reason. Why does the ‘new’ still scare us? What does it take to build acceptance for transformative ideas? How does the unprecedented scientific progress to deliver COVID vaccines influence this? What role does disinformation play in shaping our fears? How can we ensure innovators consider ethical issues, so outcomes can lead to the betterment of people and the planet? What can innovators learn from artists and creators of fiction?