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The Startup - Keeping It Lean

Online Events
CoStartup & Go
  • Date
    Wednesday,16 Sep
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    09:00 AM
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Discover how you can run your startup leanly, reduce costs and increase revenue

The Startup - Keeping it lean series

The Keeping it lean series has been pulled together by Sian Winfield, who has experience of working with over 70 startups within her business CoStartup & Go Ltd and career

She has selected the areas where Founders / Startups have sought the most advice and brought this directly to you.

Choose from the following for your 1 hour individual session:

Your Strategy: What you need to consider and how to plan out

Business set up: What you need to cover and why

Lean systems and processes: Run your business like a well oiled machine! Save time and money

Time management: working well, how you work best and how to bring that in to your processes / ways of working

Business development: what should you be thinking about and how do you deliver it?

or an area of your own choosing