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Live Event
Riyadh Front Expo Centre
  • Date
    Sunday,28 Nov
  • Location
    Riyadh Front Expo Centre
  • Time
    10:00 AM
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LEAP brings together innovative ideas, remarkable innovations and emerging developments in technology, all under one roof. A transformative event for disruptive, star-gazing entrepreneurs, committing to accelerate the domestic and global startup economy.

28-30 November 2021 – Global Tech Event to reshape the way we live

A landmark technology event of national importance is poised to galvanise public and private organisations in the region and beyond, drive social reform and female empowerment, as well as unlock the Kingdom’s boundless investment potential for seismic economic diversification.

Supported by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), LEAP will be a key factor in growing the IT sector. The event also aims to reform business opportunities and empower the funding of ideas and nurturing of tech startups – from Saudi Arabia to San Francisco, and everywhere in between. This unique collaboration between the private sector and the government ensures that LEAP will without a doubt surpass your expectations of a tech event.