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IWD | F&F + Plus X present: Trailblazing Women | Innovating For Good

Women In Business
Women In Tech
Lara Sheldrake
  • Date
    Monday,08 Mar
  • Location
  • Time
    12:00 PM
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Join us for an inspirational lunchtime panel with three incredible women who are on a mission to create positive change


To mark International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, Found + Flourish has partnered with Plus X to curate a month-long series of events. Trailblazing Women celebrates the women in our business community that are innovating for social, environmental, and political good – in Brighton and beyond. Part of Spring Forward Festival 2021.


In this lunchtime panel discussion, we'll hear from three women that are blazing a trail within the innovation and technology space – sharing their own experiences of challenging the norm, how they came to work in their chosen fields, and what advice they would give to fellow women aspiring to innovate or create for the benefit of both people & planet.




It's taken a global pandemic to highlight the efficacy of female leadership, with many arguing that it's no coincidence that countries with women at the helm have had fewer infections and deaths.


In fact, studies have proven that women not only make better leaders, but also have a natural tendency to prioritise innovating for good. According to Harvard Business School, ‘women are both conducting business in new ways, and ensuring that more and more businesses have a positive impact on people and the environment.’ [Source: Impakter]


However, at the forefront of innovation is technology, where women are still grossly underrepresented:

  • 3% of females say a career in technology is their first choice
  • 78% of students can’t name a famous female working in technology
  • 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women
  • So, why is there such a disparity when it comes to gender within this space and how can we encourage more women to explore opportunities within innovation and technology?


This event will be an interactive talk, discovering personal stories of entrepreneurship, the challenges faced along the way, as well as actionable advice from the experts so that others can follow in their footsteps armed with the tools and knowledge necessary to go the distance.




All genders and allies of women in the business community are welcome to join us. This event is for anyone who is inspired by the world of entrepreneurship, innovation and positive social impact.


  • 12:30pm - Lunchtime Panel
  • 13:15 - Q&A
  • 13:30 - event close