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How to manage the January Blues

Tania Diggory
  • Date
    Monday,24 Jan
  • Location
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    11:30 AM
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Join Calmer experts to explore a range of self-care strategies to support your mental health and wellbeing as we embrace the new year.

The start of a New Year signals a time for change, reflection and a sense of ‘starting afresh’. While this can bring a sense of inspiration and motivation, you may also feel pressure from the media, society or others in your life to come up with a range of goal-setting intentions and embark on a healthy lifestyle. However, it isn’t necessary to treat the New Year as a time for huge change and completely overhaul your life.

At Calmer, we want to encourage a balanced, positive and empowering approach to setting New Year intentions, while offering a reminder that you can create new goals for yourself any time of year. We also appreciate that the month of January can feel emotionally challenging for many people, based on the weather, motivation levels, and the time since Christmas holidays ended, which has led to the third Monday of January being termed as “Blue Monday”.

There certainly is some truth to Blue Monday, as well as the pressure many of us feel to kickstart a whole set of new year goals the second the 1st January comes along.

Our next Calmer Mindfulness event will be focused on how to create meaningful goals at any time of year, navigate challenging emotions, and build resilience.

Join us for this interactive workshop and hear from Calmer experts as they discuss; where the term “January Blues” came from, the benefits of setting goals with your wellbeing in mind, and how self-care exercises can help during challenging times.

In this expert-led workshop, we will explore how to:

  • Create meaningful goals, any time of year
  • Navigate challenging emotions with self-kindness
  • Build resilience through mindfulness-based techniques

This session is open to entrepreneurs, freelancers and all staff, managers and senior leaders in business teams.