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How to increase your revenue through organic search by 114% using SEO content

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Online Masterclass
Sales for Startups
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    Thursday,25 Feb
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    02:00 PM
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If you've ever tried to scratch the surface with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you'll know that there is a catalogue of reasons to invest in it as a channel. Why?

It is often...

  1. Where your customers are present (93% of online experiences begin with a search engine)
  2. A proven channel for B2B marketers (57% stated it came out on top for generating leads)
  3. An easier channel to convert (14.6% conversion rate for SEO leads vs. outbound with 1.7%)

But knowing that a channel like SEO can be effective doesn't really help much when it comes to leveraging it yourself.

We want to take the mystery out of SEO, and are fortunate to have enlisted the support of one of our partners - inflo.Ai - to help share some practical advice to drive the revenue you generate through organic search.

Their Co-Founder Adam Benezcrit joins Alex Cook (Head of Marketing at Sales for Startups) to chat about:

  • A brief definition of SEO
  • The ways it can benefit B2B tech businesses
  • Things to consider before creating SEO content
  • A 'how-to' guide to producing optimised posts

This online masterclass will address some of the fundamental questions when it comes to accelerating organic traffic, leads and revenue at your business. If you're keen to learn how, register today via the form below and join us for our session on Thursday 25th Feb!