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Hatch Presents: Building a Business with Climate Change in Mind

Online Events
Hatch Enterprise
  • Date
    Saturday,10 Jul
  • Location
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    09:00 AM
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Join us for a morning discussion about building a sustainable business with the planet at the heart of your mission and values

Join us to hear from two leading entrepreneurs who have set up ethical businesses that have Mother Nature and the effects of climate change as critical missions to tackle. They are building solid business models that have planet and people rather than profit at the heart of what they do.

Building any business is hard work and you have many aspects to consider. When you build a business that has sustainability at the core of your business values, you may need some advice and guidance to ensure you are on the right path. Learn from two established entrepreneurs how to build an effective business with climate change in mind.

What will you learn?

  • The challenges and hurdles of growing a sustainable business
  • What do you need to consider to build an ethical and sustainable business
  • Learn practical techniques with ethical and values at the heart of what you do
  • How does it affect financial growth
  • A decision around becoming a B-Corp

Who is this for?

Entrepreneurs and start-ups who care about the environment and the effects of climate change. Any established businesses that are thinking about becoming a B-Corp and need tips and guidance on how to grow a sustainable business.