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Hatch Founders Talk: The Power of Purposeful Partnerships

Online Events
Hatch Enterprise
  • Date
    Thursday,25 Feb
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    09:15 AM
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Hear from Dirk and Catherine, two established founders on the importance of creating strong purposeful partnerships that drive growth.

In order for our business to grow we often have to build partnerships and collaborations with other organisations and businesses. This can be a minefield, to start off where do you find the right networks for collaboration? How do you bring multiple stakeholders together who have different visions and purpose? And how do you come together to ensure an effective collaboration? These are all fundamental questions to ask before creating purposeful partnerships.

In this talk we'll hear from Hatch’s CEO Dirk Bischof, and Catherine, Founder of BuddyHub on the best way to form alliances and collaborations, where the pitfalls might be, and how to create a value proposition within your community. They will also touch on the subjects of grants, social investment and partnership targets so that you can build a solid business plan and value proposition.

Whether you are new business or you have been going for several years and want to form new partnerships, this informative talk will give you the tips and insights to help you build effective partnerships. There will also be a short Q&A at the end.

Join in the conversation to learn how to build purposeful partnerships for your organisation.