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Hatch Founder Talks: Championing Entrepreneurship as a Black Founder

Online Events
Hatch Enterprise
  • Date
    Tuesday,19 Oct
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    01:00 PM
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Hear from founders Raphael and Timi on the importance of championing Black entrepreneurs and being role models for the next generation.

In this talk we will be joined by two founders Timi Merriman-Johnson and Raphael Sofoluke who, despite the challenges they have faced, have risen to the top in their industries.

Timi Merriman-Johnson is an award-winning financial content creator, podcaster, author and founder of Mr MoneyJar, a UK-based financial education company, who has been featured on the BBC, LadBible and Sky News.

Raphael Sofoluke is the Visionary Founder and CEO behind The UK Black Business Show & UK Black Business Week, the first dedicated week in the UK for Black entrepreneurs, professionals and allies in the UK. Raphael has been instrumental in changing the landscape for Black entrepreneurs.

Timi will be interviewing Raphael on why he created the Black Business show in 2017 and its importance and relevance in promoting and highlighting Black entrepreneurs in the tech and the entrepreneurial space, which has typically been dominated by white privilege.

This talk will explore the challenges of building an event of this magnitude and what his vision for the future is. They’ll also talk about the obstacles and hurdles that have been placed in their way and how to overcome these in a society that is still inherently racist.

Join us to learn more about what it means to be a Black British entrepreneur in 2021, and how we can seek out effective ways to support the Black community and create a more balanced economic landscape.