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Freedom Business Summit

Online Events
Travel MBA
  • Date
    Saturday,06 Nov
  • Location
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    09:00 AM
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Freedom Business Summit - is not just a regular summit, it is a philosophy of location independent lifestyle that is organized in official partnership with e-Residency Estonia and citizenship agency Migronis. Our key partners are Insured Nomads and Binance.

Dates: 6-7 November 2021

Format: Worldwide | Online

  • 2 Days
  • 30+ Speakers
  • 2000+ Participants 2
  • 8+ Countries

This year we decided to bring together 2000+ the world’s best entrepreneurs to learn best strategies from experts about - self sovereignty, prepper mentality, jurisdictional arbitrage, bitcoin through macro lenses, e-residency,


  • Bringing together topics that don’t cover in big media, the summit aims to educate those who value their freedom on things like:
  • Self-sovereignty 101 - embracing prepper mentality and becoming a free man.
  • Jurisdictional Arbitrage - playing the game of flag theory, why having a second passport is necessary, how do you pick the right jurisdiction and what the paperwork is like.
  • Global incorporation - seeking a better regulatory environment for your business.
  • Bitcoin through a macro lens - your hedge against the money printer.
  • Building a citadel - self-sufficient housing.
  • Unschooling - teach your kids critical thinking.
  • Taxation - legal ways to minimize or entirely avoid the burden of capital gains and income tax.