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Fashion Tech 2019 - What’s Next?

Women In Tech
Fashion Tech
  • Date
    Wednesday,27 Feb
  • Location
    MHP Communications, 6 Agar Street, London WC2N 4HN
  • Time
    06:00 PM
  • Price
    Event Price

To kick off our 2019 meetup season, Women of Wearables is organising another monthly meetup on February 27th, and this time topic is all things fashion technology.

Using the latest technology can give a fashion brand access to unlimited possibilities when it comes to communication. Biotechnology has enabled us to come up with progressive ideas such as bioengineering using spider silk, 3D printing has affected the traditional design process, the materials, and the production of jewellery and accessories, while brands like Burberry, Alexander Wang and Ralph Lauren are using technology to further elevate the customer experience.

But, the fashion industry is also one of the world’s most polluting. Reportedly topped only by oil, the fashion industry is contributing to major environmental destruction – mainly because consumers insist on buying so many clothes at such cheap prices. Alternatives do exist. The solution lies in buying less and choosing better quality items that are made as ethically as possible.

In order to raise awareness about some of the challenges of fashion industry, as well as possible solutions and upcoming trends, Women of Wearables are bringing together five speakers - entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, legal professionals and journalists, who will share their views on all things fashion tech, sustainability, smart textiles and everything in between!

Speakers include our WoW women Rosie Burbidge IP lawyer and author of “The European Fashion Law” book, Marianna Ferro, founder and CEO of Flair Atelier, Laurenti Arnault, fashion tech journalist and founder and CEO of media platform WTVOX, Kirsty Emery, co-founder of Unmade. Moderated by - Marija Butkovic, founder and CEO of Women of Wearables.

Join us for an evening of inspiring talks about fashion tech projects and networking afterwards!

* While we are an organisation aiming to inspire and connect first and foremost women in wearable and fashion tech, we welcome all genders to this event! :)