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ESG Essentials: Carbon Literacy for Business

Inspiration Space
  • Date
    Friday,17 May
  • Location
    WWF Living Planet Centre, Rufford House, Brewery Rd, Woking GU21 4LL, UK
  • Time
    09:00 AM
  • Price
    Event Price
    369 (discounted price)

Grab the attention of impact investors and create new opportunities with this UN-recognised certification used by BCorp, Patagonia and the BBC. Save £100 with code SUMVIP

Wondering how your business can play a positive role in the climate change solution? Join us and you can create it in a day. ​

As we face the global impacts of climate change, more businesses than ever are committed to playing a critical role in creating a sustainable future.

​It's time to go beyond tree planting.

​Future-fit companies know a climate-ready business it's just a matter of social responsibility, it's a strategy that sets them apart.

When you join Carbon Literacy® training at Inspiration Space®, this is what you achieve: ​

✅ Create a science-based plan to reduce emissions, save money and create a competitive advantage.

​✅ Learn to identify and avoid misinformation and greenwashing.

​✅ Gain the confidence you need to "green speak" with confidence. ​

✅ Upon successful completion of the course you receive certification from the Carbon Literacy Project.* ​ ​


Carbon Literacy® is a one-day training that provides an accelerated lesson in sustainability. ​

Established by the Carbon Literacy Project, it gives individuals and organisations an understanding of the climate-related costs and impacts of their activities. ​

Plus gain the skills and motivation needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. ​

Recognised by the UN, certification demonstrates an awareness of climate-related risks and the impact on people, planet and profit.


​Our one-day training is perfect for people who want to get up to speed/join the sustainability conversation without investing in intensive highly academic courses.

​Created for Small Business owners, Founders and Leaders who want to learn how to do better business and future-proof their career.

​Join and you will: ​

  • Gain skills to start or articulate sustainability initiatives more effectively. ​
  • Understand your carbon footprint and develop strategies to reduce it. ​
  • Have the knowledge you need to drive community-based initiatives and advocacy.
  • ​Feel empowered to make more sustainable choices in your daily life - at home and work. ​ ​

BONUS! Go further in our online implementation session where we discuss storytelling and marketing ideas you can use to effectively communicate your carbon literacy to customers, clients, partners, and more. ​


​Our in-person training sessions are hosted at the beautiful WWF Living Planet Centre in Woking. ​

Just 25 minutes from London, step away from your desk, meet new people and learn inside one of the UK's greenest buildings. ​

​Your training fee includes:

  • ​In-person Carbon Literacy Bootcamp* that's heavy on action. Network, collaborate and share with others.
  • ​Lunch & Refreshments: Enjoy a delightful vegetarian lunch, cold & hot drinks plus cake.
  • ​Knowledge bank of 30+ resources, bitesize videos and climate action tools.
  • ​Implementation session to support you through the accreditation process. (Online, May 23rd , 10 AM)