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The Big Score 2021 - 30th Nov - 2nd Dec

Live Event
Hybrid Event
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  • Date
    Tuesday,30 Nov
  • Location
    Ghent, Belgium (& online)
  • Time
    09:00 AM
  • Price
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The Big Score is focused on squeezing time and accelerating interaction between three essential tech branches: high growth data tech solutions, international venture capital and corporate innovation sourcing.

Get ready to score BIG!

About the format

Forget keynotes and workshop, we're certified in boosting deals, lean and mean. With years of experience, we intertwine live presentations with prescheduled one-on-ones, all essential info on attendees and companies on stage, luxurious meeting rooms, upscale catering and plenty of service.

Track 1: European scale-up pitches

On day 1 and 2 (Nov 30 & Dec 1), we present 50 pitches featuring a VC curated line-up of 50 rocket growth stage European scale-ups. This track is exclusive for VCs, investors, and corporate leaders, and the 50 selected scale-ups. You can pre-schedule dozens of one-on-ones with high-performing B2B scale-ups, deep pocket investors and corporates to score deals.

Track 2: Corporate challenges

On day 3 (Dec 2) The Big Score welcomes dozens of 'big fish' innovators of ‘super prospect’ corporates. 35 multinationals present their operational and budgeted challenges in need of tech solutions worth the contract. This track is open for all B2B tech startups and scale-ups that can browse all challenges and follow their presentation, LIVE at the event or streamed ONLINE. In addition, you can pre-schedule a dozen of one-on-one meetings with the corporate decision makers. This track is open for all startups, scale-ups and corporate sourcing profiles.

What's in it for you?

  • Whether it’s funding or business development; The Big Score guarantees a qualitative group of impactful startups and scale-ups, deep pocket investors and corporate innovators:
  • 100% VC-curated line-up of 50 best in class high-growth European scale-ups all looking into growth stage financing and corporate collab
  • Big budget 'super prospect’ corporate challenges
  • Preschedule dozens of one-on-one’s with impactful B2B startups and scale-ups to tackle your corporate challenges or boost your deal flow
  • Get all relevant business information of all pitching European scale-ups and presented challenges
  • Network with corporate transition leaders as potential customers for your portfolio companies or to discuss corporate venturing
  • Broaden your European tech network with investors and promising founders

Don't miss out on this opportunity to score big and scale fast!

For the latest updates, confirmed challenges and feedback, visit our website: