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1-2-1 Professional Advice for Freelancers

  • Date
    Friday,15 Nov
  • Location
    UnderPinned HQ, 22 Gossamer City Project, E2 9FN
  • Time
    12:30 PM
  • Price
    Event Price

Professionals from different industries are giving freelancers one on one advice to help their freelance businesses.

Want to receive free advice from professionals who will give you the answers you need to help your freelance business?


Freelance Platform UnderPinned have teamed up with Kapacity, who offer flexible workspaces to freelancers, to give you the opportunity to talk 1 to 1 with experts who can answer your burning freelance questions.

What topics will I be able to find answers on?

  • Finding clients and work
  • Standing out as a freelancer
  • Managing your finances
  • Nitty gritty tax queries
  • Laws you should be aware of as a freelancer
  • Growing your business
  • Getting your work commissioned


Have any specific questions in mind that you want answered?
Contact UnderPinned's Head of Community ???? 

What experts will be attending?

  • Albert Azis-Clauson: Co-Founder and CEO of UnderPinned
  • Jack Williams: Co-Founder and Creative Director of UnderPinned
  • Aarti Daryanani: Assistant Manager, Development Finance at Homes England
  • Jonathan White: UK Chartered Accountant
  • Francine Blanc: Associate in Planning, Infrastructure and Public Law (Projects) at BDB Pitmans
  • Eleanor Anderson: Client Partnerships & Business Development Manager at CityCV
  • and more TBC

How will the event run?

There will be a seat-by-seat rotation, so all attendees will have the opportunity to sit opposite each business professional and ask questions specific to their business. Once all of your questions are answered, you're free to mingle with the other freelancers and enjoy the free bar! We want this event to connect people in different industries with one another and learn skills that will advance their businesses.

About UnderPinned's Freelance Fridays

Twice a month UnderPinned throw a free London based event for freelancers, solopreneurs and anyone who’s embarking on an independent professional journey, looking for career advice, a support network or to meet like-minded individuals. Freelance Fridays is an initiative designed by UnderPinned to support, nurture and empower people. A relaxed social event with showcases, talks, music, and film that offers a chance to network without any pressure.

About Kapacity

Kapacity acts as a platform where users such as freelancers, hot-deskers and other individuals can access workspaces such as hotels, restaurants, co-working spaces and other spaces through the day.