Zoom identified as worst company for gender diversity in the boardroom

Bumble’s CEO, Whitney Wolfe Herd, became the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire last week– a huge milestone for women in business everywhere. But how many female decision-makers are there in the boardrooms of some of the biggest companies in technology, entertainment and e-commerce?

A new study by Small Business Prices has analysed the board of directors for 15 influential companies across these three sectors to find the top companies for women in the boardroom.

The boardroom is one of the most powerful places for decision-makers. Those that make the boardroom of the largest corporations in the world are responsible for messaging that could be influencing our everyday life. But what is the ratio of men to women in the boardrooms?

To find out how well-represented women are in the boardroom, we analysed the board of directors for 15 of the world’s largest corporations across technology, entertainment and e-commerce. 

Results show that just 34% of all 163 board members in the study are women.

Gender in the technology boardroom

In the technology sector, one in three representatives on the board of directors are women– the second-best of the three categories. However, this sector also includes two of the least diverse companies in the study– Zoom’s board sat just 20% of women at the table and Tesla sat 22%.  

Here is the ratio of women to men on the board of directors for five big technology companies, listed from the lowest to the highest percentage of women featured.


Gender in the e-commerce boardroom

E-commerce has the most women represented on the board of directors out of all the categories, with a total of 39% being women. Amazon is the top company for gender diversity in this category with 45% women, followed by Inditex, the owner of Zara, Berskha, Stradivarius and more, at 40%.