Zeti announces Series A investment from HYCAP Group

Zeti has announced a £5m investment from HYCAP Group, the UK-based net zero energy transition investor, as part of Zeti’s series A financing.

Zeti will join HYCAP’s rapidly growing portfolio of net zero assets and infrastructure companies, which already include Wrightbus, Ryze, Hygen and Yamna, as well as benefiting from HYCAP’s global reach and access to capital.

The investment by HYCAP marks a significant milestone in Zeti’s journey to date, having already received investment from leading sustainability investors Powerhouse and Toyota Ventures.

The investment will enable Zeti to further enhance and accelerate the distribution of its pioneering Zeti Hub digital platform to provide a fully financed and integrated Transport as a Service (TaaS) solution; making it easier and more cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to adopt clean transport solutions, including its market leading pay-as-you-use model, alongside real-time sustainability reporting.

With over 4,500 vehicles now on their platform ‘Zeti Hub’, demand for Zeti's fintech solution has continued to grow on multiple fronts; from institutional lenders seeking to efficiently manage investments into zero and ultra-low emission transport assets; fleet operators wanting access to flexible digital financing; and vehicles manufacturers and solution suppliers seeking sales and financing support.

"We are delighted to welcome HYCAP Group as an investor into Zeti," said Dan Saunders, Founder & CEO of Zeti. "HYCAP have demonstrated their commitment to helping the transition to net zero. Their investment will further enhance our ability to offer flexible financing options to accelerate the adoption of clean transport solutions on a larger scale."

HYCAP's significant investment in Zeti underscores their commitment to advancing sustainable transport solutions. By combining HYCAP's expertise in asset management with Zeti's cutting-edge technology, this investment is poised to make a significant impact on the decarbonisation of transport and associated assets in multiple regions.

Scott Lanphere, HYCAP’s Chief Investment Officer, said Zeti was a welcome addition to the portfolio, which was making significant strides in the energy transition space.

“Zeti represents the future of energy transition asset management, combining Software as a Service (SaaS), financial payments, and hard asset reporting,” he said.

“If it can be measured, Zeti can show it in real-time. Its platform has applications well beyond mobility and brings the energy transition space into sharper focus. We are very pleased to be backing the company’s vision and execution.”

Jo Bamford, Chairman and founding partner of HYCAP Group, added: “We conNnue to explore all avenues in our bid to accelerate decarbonisaNon and we have been struck not just by the energy and enthusiasm of the ZeN team but by the scale of their ambiNon. “Fleet operators who previously have said that switching to net zero was too expensive can now earn instant revenues to help subsidise the switch while dramaNcally reducing their carbon footprint and fuel costs.”

The potential market for this innovative financing model is vast, with increasing demand for sustainable transport solutions. This investment aims to meet that demand and drive the transition to a greener and more sustainable future.