From A to Zero CO2

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Climate Neutral Group

Experienced and Passionate, Marjan Verbeek, Strategic Partnership Manager, at Climate Neutral Group helps organisations from A to Zero CO2, with the approach to make companies and products future proof.

When were you founded?

Since 2021 we have constructed our Belgian office.

What do you do?

We offer the right calculation for the CO2 emissions for flights. Giving companies a clear insight on their CO2 emissions and allowing them to compensate these via climate offsetting projects. Directly via the travel agent or in after-calculation.  

What problem do you solve? 

By using a big variety of data we guarantee flight specific data. No longer averages, but accurate data giving the correct CO2 information to companies.

What are the benefits to travellers and organisations with travellers? 

A traveller sees the correct CO2 emission when making a reservation, furthermore he could decide on taking another airline company using a less polluting plane as this information can be shown directly in the tool. For the organisation we offer correct, accurate and specific data allowing them to choose the less polluting planes. Indirectly pushing airlines to use the most modern aircrafts. This accurate data is no longer based on averages and as such a company will only have to compensate their effective CO2 emissions. Very often our tool calculates lower emissions thanks to the variety of criteria taken into account.  

What are your plans for future growth?

We want to create impact and have as many travel agents as possible proposing this solution to their clients. People can continue flying if necessary but should take account for their emissions. Core markets are France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Belgium.