Zeotap Introduces Ada: The AI-companion for Audience Segment Creation

Zeotap has launched "Ada", a new AI solution within its Customer Data Platform (CDP) designed to simplify marketer interactions.

Named after the pioneering tech figure Ada Lovelace, Ada is a user-friendly tool that incorporates a sophisticated generative AI model to offer a conversational interface for audience segmentation. This feature enhances the intuitiveness of the Zeotap CDP, particularly for users without a technical background.

Ada, leveraging the PaLM-2 model, facilitates effortless exploration, understanding, and activation of data within the Zeotap CDP. It acts like an AI assistant, aiding marketers in various tasks such as audience segmentation, analytics, and customer journey development.

A prime application of Ada is in audience segmentation. Users can specify their criteria in simple language, which the AI-companion then translates into actionable conditions for creating segments. Ada also enables the activation of these segments for various purposes, simplifying the process for those less familiar with data structures.

Zeotap aims to extend Ada's capabilities beyond segmentation, focusing on:

Simplifying Data Integration: Automating data mapping from diverse sources to client models in Zeotap.

Enhancing Customer Insights: Allowing marketers to derive insights through natural language, coupled with intuitive analytics and visualisations.

Projjol Banerjea, CPO and Co-Founder of Zeotap, stated: “At Zeotap, we strongly believe that CDPs shouldn’t be complicated. This is the reason why our Product team has put so much effort into streamlining the usage of our best-of-breed CDP”, adding “With Ada, we are redefining how marketers interact with their data, making it more accessible and user-friendly. Our goal is to shape the future of data-driven marketing, where technology empowers people to achieve their goals effortlessly.”