Zally forms strategic partnership with SkyParlour

Manchester-based emerging tech company Zally has announced a new strategic partnership with SkyParlour, a prominent fintech PR firm, as part of its expansion plans through 2024.

In preparation for its official launch, Zally, specialists in continuous authentication, has teamed up with SkyParlour. This collaboration aims to spotlight the innovative technology behind Zally’s cybersecurity solution and enhance the company’s global outreach.

This development unites two entities from Manchester's flourishing tech and fintech sectors. The city, recognised as the UK's largest fintech hub outside London, contributes approximately 6.5% to the nation’s fintech gross added value. The region’s fintech sector is expected to add about £1 billion to Greater Manchester's economy this year.

Over the coming months, SkyParlour will assist Zally as it enters the market, offering services to diverse sectors seeking to bolster their cybersecurity and reduce hack risks. Zally's advanced cybersecurity solution addresses vulnerabilities found in other systems like Face ID and passwords.

Kimberley Waldron, Co-Founder of SkyParlour, said: “We are beyond excited to work alongside Zally. Their innovative approach to digital security not only showcases the burgeoning tech landscape of Manchester but also exemplifies the creative and forward-thinking ethos that our city embodies. We pride ourselves on empowering tech innovators, and Zally's mission aligns perfectly with this objective."

Patrick Smith, Founder and CEO of Zally, remarked: “Aligning with SkyParlour reflects our shared commitment to Manchester's tech excellence. We’re proud to be part of a thriving local sector, which has more than doubled in growth since 2020. With SkyParlour, we’ve found a partner who understands the significance of digital innovation within the city.”

Zally will be part of SkyParlour’s ‘Started’ division, a PR and marketing programme for world-class technology startups. The company will join others from fraud prevention and innovators in climate tech, payments, DeFi, and Investech. The division has assisted numerous award-winning startups, guiding them to become significant industry players and collectively secure nearly £200 million in funding.

Patrick Smith added: “It’s time to boost Zally's global presence and further cement Manchester's reputation as a hub of tech innovation and entrepreneurship. This mutually beneficial partnership is emblematic of the collaborative energy driving Manchester's fintech sector, which continues to foster local talent and showcase cutting-edge technologies to the world. We’re all looking forward to what comes next in this exciting journey.”