Winners of the European Digital Mindset Awards 2022

These awards recognise companies and organisations that have driven digital transformation and presented business models based on new technologies. The community of Madrid has also been recognised as an Innovative European Region 2022 for its innovation ecosystem and its commitment to accelerating emerging talent.

In recognition of the companies and organisations that have driven digital transformation and presented an innovative approach to customer experience, IT management, and new digital business models, Digital Enterprise Show 2022 has held the European Digital Mindset Awards 2022 at the Gibralfaro Castle in Malaga. A total of six awards closed on the second day of the largest digital transformation event in southern Europe, which took place for the first time in the Spanish city. Francisco de la Torre, Mayor of Malaga, stressed that: "The European Digital Mindset Awards 2022 give us an immense projection as a city and as a technological pole of innovation. I am sure that the winners will remember it for many years to come."

The awards ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Presidency, Public Administration and Interior of the Junta de Andalucía, Antonio Sanz; the President of the Diputación Provincial de Málaga, Francisco Salado; and the General Director of the Agencia Digital de Andalucía, Raúl Jiménez.

The Kyndryl Best Digital Transformation Enterprise Award has gone to Navantia, whose digital transformation has allowed it to become a 5.0 shipyard, highlighting the design of new sustainable products. Repsol, with a digital programme that is transforming its value chain, improving the environmental impact and the talent of its workforce, and Prosegur, for the incorporation of Industry 4.0 technologies in its processes, such as artificial intelligence, data science, IoT, and Blockchain, have been the finalists.

The FYCMA Best Marketing Campaign Award has recognised the Arena Media project, for the creation of an algorithm that has helped to achieve more efficient ad-to-client conversion and to optimise media activity. Meanwhile, Fotocasa, with its proposal to include a short explanatory video in its most relevant press releases, and Labelium Play, with its commitment to showing high-quality ads in YouTube Audio Ads music videos, have been just one step away from winning first place.

Thanks to its high social impact, the startup SeniorsLeading has won the EasyVista Award for Best Digital Startup. This company designs and promotes solutions for people over 60, starting with those that improve their quality of life and facilitate their digital transformation. Last Mile Team, with its low-cost, risk-free experimentation, evaluation, and decision-making programme for programmed distribution operations, and the value proposition of Thing Or Two, a digital marketing agency specialising in the growth of mobile apps, have been the other two candidates for this category.

The T-Systems Best Digital Accelerator of the Public Sector Award has gone to the Government of Navarra for its digitalization strategy for the coming years, which pursues sustainable digital equality with the aim of improving people's lives. The new Correos app and Colombia's Digital Citizenship Card to reduce the gap in access to new technologies have been the two finalists in this category.

Amadeus's collaborative project, designed to support the travel and tourism industry by improving its competitiveness and positive impact, was recognised with the Globant Award for Best Digital Project Oriented Towards Sustainability. The Predictive Company, with its plan to predict the real energy demand of buildings and optimise climate control systems, and CONNECTS, with its ESG business platform, have been among the finalists. Finally, the Agencia Digital de Andalucía Award for The Best Journalist Work On Digital Business Transformation has gone to RTVE.

The European Digital Awards 2022 also recognised Comunidad de Madrid as a European Innovative Region 2022, for boosting the innovation business ecosystem at an international level, as well as for its commitment to public-private collaboration to accelerate emerging talent.