Why you should encourage your child to learn a second language

While you should be proud that your kid can speak fluently in your native language, learning a second language at an early age can open doors to many more opportunities.

Proficiency in any language allows one to communicate well by reading, writing, and speaking in that language. Because of being the most spoken language in the world, English speaking for kids is a must-have skill for having regular conversations and completing school assignments and presentations. Research shows that learning a second language boosts a child’s confidence, concentration and grasping power. It also enhances their mental flexibility and the ability to multitask.

Here are the top nine reasons why you should be encouraging your kid to learn a foreign language:

  1. Better Career Opportunities

As globalisation is gaining momentum, knowing a foreign language can give your child a competitive edge over others in seeking wider job opportunities. The demand for bilingual candidates has spiked over the last few years, opening the doors to many international career avenues.

  1. Travel Safety

Every parent’s biggest worry is the safety of their child when they travel to another country. Learning a widely spoken foreign language will help your child communicate better while travelling. It would be worth exploring English speaking classes for kids as it is the official language of 67 countries and a second spoken language in many other countries.

  1. Ability To Teach Others

Mastering a foreign language can give your kid an opportunity to teach it to others later by becoming full-time teacher or picking it up as a side job when needed. It can allow them to become a qualified language teacher in other countries, which is a great career option in the education industry.

  1. Boost Brain Growth

Being exposed to multiple languages at an early age will help your child multitask and improve their focus. Constantly trying to improve in any language exercises a kid’s brain and positively influences their cognitive skills.

  1. Enhance Native Language and Grammar

You are probably thinking that learning multiple languages can confuse your child. But researchers have concluded that most bilingual kids’ proficiency in their native language is better than monolingual kids. Such kids also start reading early in their age and can spot grammar mistakes more accurately than others.

  1. Faster Learning Capacity as A Child

A child’s brain is super receptive to learning new things. Although it is never too late to learn a second language, a child’s brain is highly primed to imbibe new words and sounds at 7-8 years. So, if you want your kid to master a foreign language easily, start as early as possible.

  1. Better Cross-Cultural Understanding

Bilingualism enables your child to connect with people that speak other languages. They will appreciate cultural differences, traditions, art, and beliefs of the people associated with that language. This, in turn, will promote greater empathy and acceptance.

  1. Out Of The Box Thinking

Learning a foreign language promotes creativity and problem-solving skills by helping your child see the world through different lenses. Learning a new language is a brain exercise that will help your kid consider numerous perspectives while solving a problem and arrive at a creative solution.

  1. Better Education Prospects

A foreign language is an added skill to your kid’s college application and opens the doors to many great foreign universities offering quality education. Getting into an esteemed university can have a substantial impact on your kid’s future.

Kids keen to learn something new every day tend to be successful, and learning a second language is extremely beneficial in developing themselves, personally and professionally.