What to expect in the Survival Guide 2021

When a startup embarks on the entrepreneurial journey it can be very daunting, and you may need some help and guidance along the way. Here at Startups Magazine we have created our second Survival Guide issue, sponsored by Digi-Key,  which will give you in depth advice and information from some of the industry's leading experts.

The Survival Guide 2021 will look at the ten key stages startups may need a helping hand with during their entrepreneurial journey. The guide will give extremely in-depth and detailed advice and snippets that startups can use for almost any problem in every step of the way. We want to give some real case studies of founders who have been through it themselves, so startups can see real life problems and solutions. The world has changed a lot over the past few years and it is important to highlight this and what new challenges have arisen for small businesses and makers, and as technology evolves we want to highlight how this can aid these SMEs.


The Concept chapter will look at the misconceptions around startup ideas, whether your idea has potential, and how to identifying problems within your target market. Will include expert insight from Kelly McKensie, CEO of branding agency White Bear Studio and we’ll be talking to Jiva Materials, manufacturer of Soluboard, the world’s first biodegrable PCB.


Research is one of the cornerstones of creating a successful startup. This chapter explores what makes good research, some of the pitfalls of doing faulty or insufficient research, and what problems that can cause further down the line.  


The Evaluation chapter will look at the potential for your business to scale, focusing on the demand matrix. Mark Wright, former winner of the BBC’s Apprentice programme will also be offering his expertise.


This is the stage that bridges the gap between concept and prototype. During the design process startups needs to take a number of things into consideration, and this chapter highlights just what those things are, supported by an expert article and a case study.  


Creating prototypes is vital for any startup producing either a hardware or software product. This chapter will explore the benefits of creating a prototype, how much can be learned from the prototyping process, and the most important things to bear in mind when working through this process. The chapter will also include a case study from Lumos Helmet, a bike helmet that broke Kickstarter records for the most backed bike product and most funded cycling accessory.  


This has always been a key stage for startups and often sometimes the hardest. We want to provide a chapter that can really lay out what are the different types of funding is out there and available, some of the things to look out for when approaching funding and some of the mistakes to avoid.

The funding landscape is constantly and evolving for startups so we will also have a look at what the last year has meant for raising funds as a startup. Kevin R Smith, from Boom and Partners has many years of experience in the funding scene and will give his honest and open advice, and we will speak to some founders who have been through it all and want to share their experiences.


As a startup, taking the first steps into marketing can be daunting. Where should you begin? Which activity will be the best use of your time? Startup marketing is a unique challenge, often it is down to the limited resources startups have, such as time, money, and staff. In this chapter, we will discuss the ultimate guide to marketing and how startups can overcome the issues surrounding it.


It’s almost time to see the finished product – but there’s still plenty of important decisions to be made. The production process is an important step that is often overlooked. In this chapter, we will delve into its importance and how to approach it with the help of industry experts that have been assisting startups in the production process for years.


Often slightly overlooked or underestimated, Distribution is an essential stage for startups and makers and we want to help make the process as seamless as it can be. Mick Elliot will give his expert advice on distribution, to ensure you are ready for what maybe a complicated but worthwhile stage as this is where you will see your customers finally with your finished product.


Support is often disregarded, but can arguably be seen as one of the biggest chapters in a startups journey. Sometimes it can be hard to look for help, especially as a Founder when you have done so much riding solo, and especially in this current climate, the world can be lonely place right now. So this chapter will show the importance of looking for support around you, and how much success that can bring you. We will speak to startups who have had amazing support and a great community around them, as well as having an expert voice from Sian Winfield Founder of CoStartup & Go – one of the biggest startup support companies.