What is 'brand'?

When you’re keen to win more customers, you turn to marketing. And more often than not, you look at advertising, PR, or anything else that you think that will make a change quickly.


But what if you changed something more fundamental? Something that would make you stand out to new customers and improve the journey for existing customers? Something that will make every piece of communication going forward ten times more effective?

This article will tell you why you must invest in your brand.

A brand is how your customers will identify with you

You may already have a logo and think it looks nice. You may even have a strapline that you think is kind of clever. But that’s not really a brand.

A brand is:

  • Logo
  • Use of colour
  • Font
  • Tone of voice
  • Brand values
  • Brand promise
  • Messaging

Why does all of this matter? This package makes up the first impression that you leave with your customers. And then ensures consistency throughout every interaction that follows. Without this consistency, a customer can easily lose interest in your business.

A brand is like dating

Consider your business a person. Imagine that person has a job interview or a first date. You’d present yourself in the best way possible; fixing your hair, wearing nice clothes and doing your research so that you say the right things.Why? Because the first impression matters.

For a business, it’s that first date or interview a thousand times over as it will have multiple interactions on many occasions with its target audience (on a multitude of platforms). Get your brand sorted and that great first impression sticks every time.

What type of business is best suited to a brand ‘boost’?

Any business, no matter the size, can benefit. But the type of company that requires it is a brand new one. In the first few months of a business, an enormous amount of time is spent introducing your company to the world and convincing them of why to engage with you.

It’s really hard work when you’re unknown.

This is why you must invest in your brand to get a compelling, clear and well thought-through corporate identity to ease the process of customers getting to know you.

What impact can this have?

Build a connected, powerful brand and the following will happen:

  • You hand over a business card and the colours and font look good and already start to appeal to the recipient.
  • You start the sales process or fund raising and your elevator pitch instantly clicks with your audience. They see why what you do is important. They see it making a difference. They remember it.
  • Every piece of content you write – for your blog, social media, ad copy, customer communications – is easy to read because you have an established message, a way of talking about your business that resonates with your customer and they know what tone and personality to expect from you.
  • Your sales collateral and website tell a story. They speak in your target customer’s language, and they address the things your customers care about. They also make a promise to the audience –so that your targets know where they stand with you, building their trust.
  • Every member of your team has a guide to follow when representing the business. The brand values give them a clear idea of what the company represents. And this in turn helps you attract like-minded employees who are loyal and passionate about the cause.
  • Brand awareness grows quickly and you develop a reputation which is seen to investors as a solid asset. New entrants to the market need to compete not only with what you do, but who you are (a reputable name).