Want to pitch online at Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches?

Oslo Innovation Week welcomes you to the core of Nordic innovation - a platform for facilitating actions and thought-provoking concepts for bold and new innovation.

Oslo Innovation Week is an annual conference concentrating on connecting pioneering entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and business leaders. The event puts actions and inspiring ideas for bold and new innovation under a Nordic spotlight. This year’s edition will take place 27-30 September 2021 and will be a hybrid conference.

Connect and experience with pioneering entrepreneurs, founders, investors and business leaders from both Nordics and all around the world with the help of various events held throughout the week. Join us in bringing together a smart compact Nordic capital with high quality of life and easy access to nature alongside world leading startups, technology innovation, climate friendly solutions and entrepreneurship - to the global stage.

Join the OIW 100 Pitches

The best platform for founders to showcase their startup during Oslo Innovation Week is at the OIW 100 Pitches. The Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches connects the most promising seed-stage startups with corporate leaders, venture capitalists, and investors, and gives big visibility to seed-stage startups working towards the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the 2021 edition will be fully digital. The top 100 pitch videos will be made available on the Oslo Innovation Week website three weeks in advance, and a jury will select 8 companies. The 8 final companies are invited to the live session where they will present their solution in conversation with the jury.

How do I apply?

To apply, all startups must submit a video pitch (max 3 min) by August 15th. Wondering about the video quality? Anything goes. The startup is what matters at OIW 100 Pitches, not your video skills. This means you can pitch from all over the world, wherever you are based. All you have to do is work towards one of the 17 sustainable development goals and send over your pitch video!

Reasons to join:

  • Showcase your startup to the largest group of investors at Oslo Innovation Week
  • Compete for the main prize of €20K+ advisory services, sponsored by DNB the largest financial institution in Norway
  • Connect and meet with people from the Nordic startup ecosystem and more

Pitch Criteria:

  • Eligible companies must be seed stage and/or investor ready
  • Must identify at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal they are addressing
  • The pitch: 3-minute company presentation + Q&A with the jury
  • All presentations and slides must be in English

The timeline for 100 Pitches is as follows:

  • June 1st- Application launch
  • Aug 15th- Application deadline
  • Sep 6th- Follow up with selected candidates
  • Sep 10th-Videos on OIW website
  • Sep 30th- Big Day!

*The live pitch session will be held on September 30th, competing for a prize pool of €20K.

The OIW 100 Pitches events during Oslo Innovation Week will feature talks between founders and investors, entrepreneurs and experts. 8 founders are selected to join the main session, where they will be interviewed by the jury. This format allows for more time to understand and investigate the business ideas.

* The jury will be gender-balanced and will include at least one investor, one corporate executive, or an innovation expert and an entrepreneur.

Who made it all the way to the top? To get some inspiration and discover more about last year's winners check out: OIW 100 Pitches at DNB NXT

Want to pitch? Apply here by August 15th!