Vizcab Extends Series A to €9M for Global Expansion and Net-Zero Construction Transition

Vizcab, a SaaS platform that calculates the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to reduce the carbon impact of construction projects, has raised an additional €4.5 million in Series A funding, bringing their total round to €9 million. The funding will support its rapid growth and expand its operations into new international markets.

The round was led by KOMPAS VC, an early-stage VC firm focused on the decarbonisation of the built environment and manufacturing. New participants in the round include specialist built environment investors, Tokyo-based Global Brain and San Francisco-based Brick and Mortar Ventures, increasing Vizcab's growth potential in the United States and the APAC region.

Founded in 2015 by Dr Thomas Jusselme and Guillaume Lafont, Vizcab automates the calculation of CO2 emissions and Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of construction projects across a company’s entire lifecycle. The AI-driven platform connects stakeholders across the value chain – from architects and engineers to manufacturers and construction companies—to optimise their carbon performance, improve operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, expedite ESG reporting, and help work towards net-zero emissions. Vizcab’s platform integrates with industry-standard construction tools, driving the adoption of sustainable practices across the construction industry.

Aiming to achieve a fully decarbonised building stock by 2050, the EU has recently passed the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which contributes directly to the EU’s energy and climate goals. The implementation of the directive will make LCAs mandatory for larger buildings exceeding 1,000 square metres by 2028 and then all buildings by 2030, driving demand for LCA services like Vizcab.

The funding will support Vizcab’s growth into new EU markets as well as help to meet growing demand within their already established market in France. In June, Vizcab will launch the first international module to engage with new customers in 33 countries as an initial step in its global expansion roadmap.

Dr. Thomas Jusselme, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Vizcab: “With the new regulatory environment, especially the EPBD directive, we are seeing a rising interest for automated LCAs and the demand for our products is growing exponentially. We are excited to work with our existing and new world-class strategic investors to help accelerate our international expansion.”

Guillaume Lafont, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Vizcab added: “Thanks to this funding, we will keep investing in our product development, growing our industry partnerships and maintaining our technological edge that will cater to the needs of the market.”

Andreas Winter-Extra, Partner, KOMPAS VC said: “The ever-changing regulatory landscape across the globe means there is growing competition and demand within the market for efficient and streamlined processes for LCAs. Vizcab can match this demand as its innovative technology is truly a mark above the rest. Their platform is at the forefront of the transition toward carbon neutrality and has the potential to transform the global construction industry. KOMPAS’s continued support of Vizcab is a testament to its mission to create a more sustainable and efficient built environment – which is responsible for 37% of global emissions. We are committed to supporting Vizcab through the next stage of its growth and product development to help launch its new products into previously untapped markets.

Hideyuki Tanaka, Director, Global Brain said: "France is a global leader in LCA regulation, and Global Brain is proud of Vizcab's strong position and its innovation in LCA operations there. It is highly likely that LCA regulations will extend beyond Europe to Asia and Japan in the future, further increasing market demand for Vizcab's AI-driven platform. We look forward to contributing to Vizcab's growth as a partner in its expansion into Asia, especially Japan."

Guillaume Bazouin, Partner, EMEA, Brick and Mortar Ventures commented: "Brick and Mortar Ventures is proud to support Vizcab in advancing environmental responsibility within the construction sector. As our first investment in France, we recognize the country's leadership in embodied carbon regulations, which has set a precedent for other nations like the Netherlands, the Nordics, the UK, and Switzerland. Vizcab's Life Cycle Assessment platform is crucial in navigating these regulations, influencing design choices, and preventing costly downstream effects. We are committed to aiding Vizcab's expansion across Europe and globally, aligning with our vision for a sustainable future in construction."