Virtual Femtech Week aims to increase awareness of women’s healthcare tech solutions

Reaching over 500k womxn around the world Femtech Media's Virtual Femtech Week hopes to increase awareness of available femtech solutions available that can replace or bridge gaps in traditional healthcare, increasing women’s access to safe, affordable, and equitable care.

Femtech Media, a production company dedicated to creating media projects that amplify and celebrate the femtech and women’s health industry, presents the first-ever Femtech Week - a curated selection of virtual events, content, and activities designed to engage women consumers with the femtech industry and provide them with the tools and information they need to be active, empowered participants in their own healthcare.

It’s critical to highlight the incredible progress of femtech—now an industry projected to be valued at over $1 trillion by 2027—and to broaden access to the femtech tools available to women around the world. Femtech solutions often fill gaps in care that have been unaddressed by the traditional healthcare system, so informing women of what’s available to them can, in the worst cases, be quite literally a matter of life or death.

“We know our value as women - that we deserve full inclusion and representation in this next generation of healthcare technology. In 2021, femtech is perfectly positioned to listen to women’s stories, experiences, and insights - and then craft healthcare tools that are truly by women for women,” said Mary Fox, Vice President, Business Development and Strategic Growth of Sommer Consulting. “Femtech Week is a huge opportunity for women and these solutions to be front and centre - together!”

Women of all ages and interests will have the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of their health and how the femtech industry is working to improve healthcare for women around the world. Femtech Week offers attendees a week full of free events, a robust women’s health resource library, and the opportunity to connect with a community of other womxn who have similar interests and health experiences in a safe, inclusive, and friendly digital environment. All events and activities are completely free and open to anyone who is interested in participating.

“Femtech Week 2021, our inaugural event, is meant to broaden awareness of femtech solutions, while simultaneously providing women with access to resources, events, and community focused on the health issues they will deal with over the course of their lifetime,” said Christina Vanvuren, founder + CEO of Femtech Media. “It’s because of our generous sponsors and media partners that we’re able to reach just over half a million women globally, greatly increasing the number of women who are aware that there are healthcare resources available to them through femtech that they may not otherwise have known about.”

Femtech Week 2021 is made possible by our incredible sponsors including Startups Magazine, Uqora, Paloma Health, The Insighters, HIT Like a Girl podcast, afterglow, Awkward Essentials, Lisa Falco, OVRY, Stork’d, Ekho Wellbeing, Wild.AI, Femtech Live, Elektra Health, Embr, Dr. Kate Lyzenga-Dean, and August.

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