Vento celebrates second anniversary by gaining central role in Italian startup ecosystem

Vento, the Italian arm of Exor Ventures, marks its second anniversary, celebrating significant contributions and achievements within the Italian startup landscape. In its two years, Vento has emerged as one of the leading entities in venture investment and venture building, driving innovation across diverse sectors and supporting the development of innovative startups.

Central to Vento's accomplishments is its dual focus on investments and venture building. By setting a new benchmark for venture capital in Italy with an investment offering of €150,000 for early-stage startups that have at least one Italian founder, Vento distinguishes itself with its rapid decision-making—averaging a mere five days to reach a verdict – and its commitment to being founder-friendly. Having evaluated over 2,400 proposals and invested in 60 companies, Vento's rigorous selection process and dedication to quality are evident.

The firm's venture building initiative showcases its forward-thinking methodology, targeting individuals at the nascent stages of idea and team formation and providing financial backing for their startup ventures. Now in its third edition, the program has attracted over 1,500 submissions, from which 110 talents were chosen and 20 startups launched, with 10 receiving investments. This success has been bolstered by support from Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and OGR Torino. Vento is keenly awaiting the decisions of its forthcoming investment committee, poised to allocate potential pre-seed funding of €80,000 to the newest batch of 40 promising talents.

Vento’s Portfolio Diversity: A Spectrum of Innovation Across Key Industries

Commenting on the first of years of operation, Diyala D'Aveni, Head of Vento, said: “We are the most active non-governamental fund in Italy and we have a very diverse portfolio of companies. Notably, Health Tech and Biotech together represent a significant 20% of our investments, showcasing our dedication to startups at the intersection of technology, healthcare, and biological sciences. The rest of our portfolio spans vital sectors such as Software/SaaS/Marketplace (35%), Fintech, and Deeptech (10% each), as well as emerging industries like SpaceTech and PropTech (5% each), demonstrating our strategic foresight in nurturing a breadth of technologies that pave the way for a future of breakthroughs and enduring impact.

“Vento is not only a catalyst for technological and entrepreneurial innovation but also a champion for diversity within the startup community. An impressive 30% of the founders in Vento's portfolio are female, significantly surpassing industry averages and demonstrating Vento's commitment to inclusive growth.”

Looking Ahead: Italian Tech Week and Beyond

As Vento looks to the future, it is also gearing up for the next edition of Italian Tech Week, with special guest Sam Altman, highlighting its role at the forefront of technological advancement and startup support. This event promises to bring together the brightest minds in technology and entrepreneurship, fostering collaboration and innovation.