Vasilii Gamov: Affiliate Transformation – How Technology is Changing Affiliate Marketing

In recent years, affiliate marketing has experienced several significant changes in the world of technology and digital, successfully adapting to its needs.

These are the invention and widespread use of cell phones, as well as the popularity of social networks. Now we are about to face the third important development – artificial intelligence and its spreading influence. To find out the perspectives of the industry in the near future, we spoke with industry leader Vasilii Gamov.

Vasilii is an entrepreneur, founder of full-service marketing agency PEAKY ADS LLC and a marketing expert with over 13 years of experience in B2C and B2B software development. He specialises in iOS and Android mobile app development as well as in web development. Earlier, he participated in launching one of the largest forex brokers in CIS, as well as in various projects in the fields of finance, iGaming, education, e-commerce, media, and advertising technologies.

With Vasilii Gamov we discussed what trends await us in 2024, whether we should be afraid of AI and how the development of technology will affect affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing feel right now? What challenges does the industry face?

Today, affiliate marketing is one of the most promising and fastest-growing areas in marketing. This became possible thanks to the inseparable connection of technology and the constant making use of new opportunities. For example, affiliate marketing was once able to make social media another platform for promoting products.  

Nevertheless, affiliate marketers have to overcome various challenges. For example, the market is now oversaturated with competitors offering similar services. Such an environment makes it difficult for newcomers to stand out and attract customers. At the same time, there are large investment capitals in the market looking for new opportunities. So, if you are a skilled specialist and you have a successful product MVP, you can always find the means to grow.

Also, the constant dynamic development of digital marketing platforms can be challenging as they require constant adaptation to new algorithms.

But these challenges don't mean that the industry is in a critical situation. On the contrary – they encourage updating of outdated methods and motivate marketers to look for unconventional solutions and create unique marketing strategies.

How does technology development affect affiliate marketing?

One of the main technologies that will have the strongest impact on affiliate marketing in the near future is, of course, artificial intelligence. It allows us to analyse a huge amount of data and optimise marketing strategies. For example, AI can be trained to recognise patterns and make recommendations based on the data.

Also, the development of technology encourages employees to learn new technologies, set up, and optimise processes that are related to new tools. Because of this, businesses are growing faster, and it appears necessary to outsource some processes to marketing agencies. And we at Peaky Ads are happy to resolve all these issues.

We should mention the impact of AI-based chatbots. They can be used to increase conversions and create more personalised recommendations to customers.

Should we be afraid of AI replacing marketers?

AI may indeed change the work of marketers, but it is unlikely to replace them completely. On the contrary – AI will significantly speed up processes, relieving specialists from routine tasks. This will help them to free up some time to search for new creative solutions. AI cannot replace the human factor, which also plays an important role in marketing.

What trends are worth paying attention to in 2024?

As for today, we can note several trends that emerge in the industry. First is the continued growth in the use of mobile devices. Research shows that people are increasingly visiting websites as well as making purchases via smartphones. We also know that users are spending more and more time on mobile apps. So, it makes sense to adapt marketing campaigns to mobile platforms, and in some cases make it a priority to develop.

The second important trend is Influence marketing. This strategy allows you to use the influence and popularity of opinion leaders in certain areas to promote goods and services. For example, bloggers from Instagram, YouTube and TikTok successfully promote various goods and services, and their coverage reaches millions of people. By partnering with such opinion leaders, companies can create a more positive brand image and gain audience loyalty, which ultimately leads to increased sales.

At Peaky Ads, we regularly monitor the emergence of new trends, and collect all the information to create useful materials that you can read on our blog or watch on our YouTube channel. Our experts are also ready to analyse any product on the market and advise on possible growth points for companies.

Vasilii, thank you very much for the interview! The mob app market will undoubtedly keep growing, and the insights and vision of such experts as you will definitely impact its trends and direction.