UPS present E-commerce Success with Industry expert Insights

The on-demand webinars, which cover how to generate more cross-border sales and grow internationally, how to grow a sustainable e-commerce business, and how to create the ideal omnichannel customer experience, are now available here. With these webinars, courier service UPS wants to support e-commerce businesses in the evolution of their e-commerce activities under the hashtag #GoBeyond.

The growth that the e-commerce sector has shown in recent years offers many opportunities, but also requires adaptation, flexibility and new skills. To help e-commerce businesses go beyond their business goals and thrive in 2022, UPS created three webinars on the key trends facing e-commerce businesses in 2022.

  • Cross-border success, with insights from Ecommerce Europe on how an e-commerce business can increase cross-border e-commerce sales and go from local to global.
  • Greening the supply chain, with tips and tricks from Fairphone - a Dutch social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics - on how to grow a sustainable e-commerce business.
  • Omnichannel customer experience, with insights from renowned consultancy and research firm Deloitte on how to leverage omnichannel strategies to reach more customers.

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