Underdog Tech Award: Innovators of the world, arise!

inDrive, the global mobility and urban services platform, is proud to announce the launch of the Underdog Tech Award, a new international prize for founders of the best tech startups operating outside major tech hubs and startup communities. Applications will open in September.

The Underdog Tech Award has been created to support technology startups that are successfully founded despite facing challenges due to their location, such as limited resources and lack of access to funding and industry events. The winner will receive $60,000 to support their company’s growth.

Eligible startups must be:

  • Early stage
  • Located outside major IT hubs
  • Potentially or already making a significant positive impact on their communities
  • Well-positioned for rapid scaling

The first stage – the application phase – begins on 19 September and ends on 1 December 2023. All applications submitted during this time will be considered.

The second stage begins in December 2023 and is when nominees and a top 20 candidates shortlist will be determined.

“As a startup with origins in grassroots efforts in a small town, that is now a tech unicorn and global mobility powerhouse, rooting for underdogs is part of inDrive’s core ethos. The Underdog Tech Award aims to unlock human potential by supporting innovators who are unable to access the necessary resources for their companies to thrive. We’re already challenging this injustice through our Aurora Tech Awards, which have provided funding and recognition to women IT founders for three years and counting. Uplifting tech innovators outside of the traditional locations where IT companies grow was a natural next step, and we are thrilled to provide these founders with the platform and financial support they need to succeed,” says Mark Loughran, Group President of inDrive.

In addition to recognition and a cash prize for the winner, The Underdog Tech Award provides all applicants with valuable feedback from various venture and investment funds, while the shortlisted candidates will also receive feedback from the award’s jury. In addition, winners will receive PR support and the opportunity to undergo training by industry experts.