The Ultimate Guide to Designing a Universal Logo in 2024

Logos have ways to roll out visual storytelling in any business setting – they always spark “storied existence” as their organisation counterparts, aiming to demonstrate brand identities, values, and goals.

The Finances Online Reviews for Business has presented three essential data with regard to logos. The first data shows that 65% of small businesses pay nearly as much as $500 per new logo. The second data reveals that 25% of them pay up to $1,000. Finally, the third data establishes that 15% of them also pay around $1,000.

The data itself is an estimate of which logo design would stand out in the coming years. In 2017, that logo design was of Coca-Cola, with 90% of the world’s population recognising it in a flash according to Creative Bloq. In 2021, those logo designs were of Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung as claimed by Brand Finance.

Businesses run on the cycle of profit and loss, and they employ any means necessary to ensure that they are distant from any loss. The most fundamental approach to making sure they stay distant is the integration of logo design. In other words, they must reinforce their visual appeal, having it rose to the occasion.

If businesses wish to emerge as the next trendsetter, there are certain steps they can take to bring that to fruition.


No one denies the power of simplicity when it comes to logo design. The key strategy here is to minimise the use of too many colours and transform the logo into a five-finger exercise. A research proves that descriptive logos, which are often simpler, attract consumers’ attention and influence their brand perceptions. The reason behind this attraction lies in the fact that consumers are able to recall the brand easily, increasing brand loyalty.

Tools for Logo Design

The advent of technology has improved the quality of businesses in terms of scalability. There are a variety of logo generator tools that businesses have the leverage to use to streamline and effectuate their visual charm. These tools are authentic and offer superior features for logo designs to catch the eye and enhance the capability of being scaled.

Innovative Timelessness

Every business wants a logo that does not age, like the logos of popular brands that are still appealing to a mass of customers. However, it is important to know that utilising a blend of contemporary and retro design is never a bad idea. A logo that is innovative yet timeless has a high chance of flourishing among the sea of customers. The best of both worlds is there – retro charisma and contemporary sleekness.


Designing a logo does not stop at layouts or colour options. In order for the logo to retain usability, it has to move across different platforms and mediums, such as digital, print, merchandise, and signage. While colours are obviously the contributing factors with respect to brand recognition and consumer response, studies reveal that grayscale formats make logos more universally applicable. The shades of black and white comprise various extents of brightness and intensity that serve the purpose of versatility.


There you are – the steps all businesses are free to take to prepare their logos or brand identities with a strong touch of visuals. From simplicity to versatility, each strategy chips in and gives businesses the emblem they need for their pictorial representation.

In the end, the objective is to extend to the global audience and engage them effectively. Growing a business is not easy, but with the right logo or visual appeal, it is possible.