The UK’s emerging cleantech supercluster

The last 12 months has seen an unprecedented surge in the geopolitical urgency of the climate crisis. Greta Thunburg, Australian wildfires and Arctic warming has a created a tipping point in public perceptions of the climate crisis.

This change in public perception is being matched by a tangible shift among global corporations; from Microsoft’s commitment to erase its carbon footprint to Jeff Bezos’ $10bn climate fund, barely a day goes by without a global multinational making a strong public commitment to carbon neutrality.

Deeds still need to follow these words and our experience over the last decade in the cleantech and start-up sector is that getting the technologies, processes and policies that are needed to make real climate impact into large companies and complex supply chains remains a major challenge.

That’s why we’ve started Cleantech International, and its global hub, Cleantech London. These two new organisations, in partnership with Cambridge Cleantech and Oxfordshire Greentech are creating a Global Cleantech Supercluster that will have the capacity to create, incubate, accelerate and scale emerging climate positive technologies from around the world and bring them to the markets (corporates, developing countries, towns and cities) where they can have the greatest impact.

The London, Oxford, Cambridge cleantech supercluster’s potent mix of research, enterprise, finance and international profile give it the building blocks to be the world centre for cleantech innovation, investment and market access.

Almost 200 fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the capital and through the cleantech supercluster Cleantech International and Cleantech London’s mission is to make sure that the loud public commitments to carbon neutrality that are being made by so many of these companies are matched by the hard work of finding, investing and integrating the technologies that will make these promises reality.

If you’re interested to know more or become a partner with Cleantech International or Cleantech London please contact Sam Goodall