UK employees are happier in female-founded companies

A new study by Stephen Eve Financial Planning finds employees are 13% happier in companies with female founders which foster stronger workplace culture, faster career progression, and work-life balance. 

The study analyses Glassdoor ratings of 40 of the fastest-growing companies in the UK, looking at work/life balance, diversity and inclusion, career progression, and workplace culture. Each company received an overall happiness score out of five.

According to the data, female-founded companies offer 14% faster career progression, benefit from positive workplace culture (18%), and inclusivity and diversity (15%). They also offer 14% better compensation and benefits and have fostered a stronger work-life balance (13%).

When compared to male C-suite companies, female-founded businesses score higher on diversity and inclusion (4.2 vs 3.6), and culture and values (4.2 vs 3.5). Employees in companies founded by women are also more likely to experience faster career progression (3.9 vs 3.4).

The study also ranked the happiest female-founded companies in the UK. Market research company TruRating has the highest score at 4.6, with OLIO (4.5), Elvie (4), and fintech company Lendable (4.3) rounding out the top 10.

Danielle Slater, Co-Director and Marketing Manager at Stephen Eve Financial Planning, comments on the study: “Data revealing a happiness advantage for employees in female-founded companies is a powerful finding. It highlights the potential impact of female leadership on fostering positive work environments that prioritise employee well-being, career development, and a healthy work-life balance. Success across diverse industries, from established players like TruRating to newer ventures like OLIO, is particularly interesting. This suggests a broader trend: female leadership driving success with a focus on employee happiness. The inclusion of the fintech company, Lendable, further emphasises the growing influence of women in these sectors, which is encouraging given the given the need to improve diversity, equality & inclusion in the financial services industry”

In a move to champion gender equality, Stephen Eve Financial Planning is amplifying its efforts to both open doors for women in financial services careers and gain deeper insights into serving the specific financial needs of high-net-worth women.

This focus reflects the industry's current gender gap, with women comprising almost half (46%) of the workforce, but a mere 14% are headed by women, according to OMFIF’s Gender Balance Index. By fostering career opportunities and tailoring services for high-net-worth women, Stephen Eve Financial Planning aims to create a more inclusive financial landscape.

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