Ubiquity launches outsourcing guide for European fintechs

Ubiquity, the global business process outsourcer for industry innovators, announces the publication of a first-of-its-kind whitepaper, aimed at helping European fintech scaleups to leverage outsourcing to adapt to fast-changing market conditions.

With Europe’s fintech industry experiencing profound transformation over the last few years, the whitepaper covers the specific challenges and opportunities facing fintech scaleups, as ongoing economic uncertainty puts budgets under strain. Although fintech is the UK’s biggest scaleup sector, according to Tech Nation, contributing to 41% of the value of the sector as a whole, global fintech investment dropped by a massive 30% in 2022, and continues to fall during 2023. Additionally, the fintech industry is struggling to recruit and retain workers with the right skills to help businesses continue to innovate, meaning companies face even more challenges in attracting and keeping customers.

There is no hard-wired definition of a scaleup, but typically if a firm is seeing double-digit growth rates circa 20% in revenues and headcount for two consecutive years, those are strong indicators that a business is transitioning from startup to scaleup. Ubiquity’s whitepaper delves deep into how growth-hungry fintechs can identify and solve pain points that arise when they face more transaction volumes, increasing customer numbers, and more complex operational processes and regulatory demands.

The whitepaper tackles one of the most difficult questions facing fintechs – whether to buy or build CX in-house. It may be tempting for businesses, particularly those with limited resources, funding, or staff, to try and tackle CX in-house. But if a fintech can’t scale effectively to handle more customers, they risk damaging the experience and customer perception of their brand and losing customers altogether.

Amid estimates that one in 10 agent interactions will be AI-automated by 2026, the whitepaper explores the potential for AI to enhance other fintech workflows – along with the potential risks that unbridled AI could expose fintechs to if appropriate guardrails are not put in place.

Other topics covered include the importance of enhancing employees’ experience, as fintechs that treat employees well are proven to enjoy lower staff turnover rates, and consistent, uninterrupted experiences for customers.

Contributing to Ubiquity’s whitepaper are several renowned fintech leaders and commentators, who explain that tapping into outsourcing can help fintechs find the people, processes, and pioneering technology to stay competitive at lower cost, scale effortlessly, and deliver the hyper-personalised CX that will keep their customers coming back for more:

  • John Goodale, Executive Director, Head of Europe, Ubiquity
  • Joanne Dewar, Fintech Ambassador, The Payments Association
  • Roger Bracken, Founding Partner, the Fintech and Payments Advisory
  • Roger Alexander, Strategic Advisor, Tarci
  • Gregor Dobbie, Advisor, Former CEO of Vocalink
  • Ben Jackson, Chief Operating Officer, Innovative Payments Association

John Goodale, Executive Director, Head of Europe, Ubiquity, comments: “Right now, the economic backdrop means European fintechs are struggling with staffing, technology, and customer service challenges. In such a highly regulated sector, Ubiquity recognises that startups and scaleups face similar obstacles, including regulatory touchpoints like risk management, customer data protection, and fraud prevention. But as fintechs begin to scale up, the burdens become greater the bigger they get.”

Adds Ubiquity President and Chief Customer Officer Sagar Rajgopal: “That’s why this whitepaper stands out. At Ubiquity, we know what it takes to create great CX and process improvements that fuel growth and cost efficiency, at every stage of a fintech’s growth journey. We are fortunate to have the valuable insights of renowned fintech leaders, all of whom have worked with companies across the fintech ecosystem and have been generous enough to give their perspectives on what they see as the biggest pain points that need to be addressed to unlock new growth opportunities.”

Ubiquity’s whitepaper can be downloaded at:




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