Top Tips on content marketing in 2022

At the beginning of every year, we see a new range of marketing trends that we should keep an eye on throughout the year. This year is no exception with social media and tools such as AR still growing and developing, here are some top tips on content marketing in 2022.

Tip 1: Podcasting

Podcasting is not only great fun but also a key trend in 2022. There were over 19.1million podcast listeners in the UK in 2021 and as podcasts increase in popularity so does its audiences. There will be an estimated 28 million podcast listeners by 2026.

The many advantages to joining the podcasting world are...

  • A podcast provides a format for sharing the expertise of your industry 
  • Hearing the voice of the presenter gives listeners a stronger connection to a company.
  • Podcasts are easy to produce and low cost, you just need a computer, microphone, and a way of editing audio files
  • Familiarity and consistency of regular podcasts help your company's brand.

Of course, larger businesses can hire a fully functional studio from £120 - £170 depending on where you are based.

Tip 2: Embrace the Metaverse

The metaverse in the broadest terms is a unique immersive and virtual public space that uses the latest technological advancements in VR, AR, 3D video conferencing and NFT’s that allow us to have our own little piece of this new digital marketplace. The metaverse will be a new digital place to work, shop and talk, so embracing this leap into the future may help your business evolve with the times and leave you open to new opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible before.

Tip 3: Video Marketing

Video is no longer just one part of your businesses marketing plan it is now an integral part of it. It’s vital for your outreach, especially your social strategy. A report made by Wyzowl on the state of video marketing 2022 found that in 2021/22 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Videos that create the biggest views are often explainer videos and social media videos. 84% said that they had been convinced to buy a product or service purely based on watching a brands video alone.

Tip 4: Content creator to Brand Ambassador

There could be a significant spike in content creation from third party sources using podcasts, blog/vlogs and social media to create educational and entertaining content on behalf of another business. Realising the power influencers hold over their fanbases and being able to tap into that can work to your advantage if you embrace it.