Top startups mums will love this Mother’s Day

In celebration of Mother's Day, we have delved into the innovative realm of startups that have not only captured the market's attention but have also woven their tech-driven solutions into the hearts of mothers worldwide to make the hardest job in the world slightly less difficult.

From parenting tools to wellness tech, these startups have harnessed the power of technology to make the journey of motherhood smoother and more enjoyable. Join us as we explore the top startups that have created products and services mums will undoubtedly love.


Elvie is a health and lifestyle company developing smart tech for women. It is committed to building products that improve the health and lives of women everywhere and at all stages of life. Its first product, Elvie Trainer, is an app-connected Kegel trainer that helps women strengthen the pelvic floor via fun, five-minute workouts. It has also developed the Elvie Pump, a silent wearable breast pump, which is making it possible for new mothers to pump anytime, anywhere.

Founded by Tania Boler, an internationally recognised women’s health expert who has held leadership positions for various global NGOs and the United Nations. Passionate about improving women's physical and emotional wellbeing while leading taboo-busting conversations around women’s health, Tania founded Elvie in 2013 to create a global hub of connected health and lifestyle products for women.


FAMS is a purpose-led parenting assistant aimed at enhancing emotional bonds with children and aiding parents in their roles through dialogue.

FAMS was founded by Belarusian expats Helene Malyutina (CEO) and Darya Kolkovskaya (COO), both experienced founders and mothers of two children. With Kolkovskaya being a practising family psychologist for more than 10 years and certified professional consultants, the app is ensured to provide parents with verified effective hacks for common challenges, personalised programmes for nurturing child development, and engaging rituals to establish healthy habits. It also includes a specialised AI chatbot for 24/7 support.

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is a smart wearable device that takes the form of a ring, designed to track and analyse an individual's sleep, activity levels, and overall health metrics. It has become popular due to its discrete design, advanced sensors, and comprehensive health insights, making it a valuable tool for a wide range of users, including mothers. The ring can provide many benefits, including sleep tracking and analysis, activity monitoring, stress management, and providing health data.

The Oura Ring was developed by Oura Health Ltd, a health technology company based in Oulu, Finland. The company was co-founded by Petri Hollmén, Kari Kivelä, and Markku Koskela. The trio set out to create a wearable device that would offer detailed insights into the wearer's health and wellness, with a strong focus on sleep quality, which is a critical component of overall health.


Peanut is a social networking app designed for mothers to find support and friendship with others in similar stages of life. Peanut offers a platform for mothers to share advice, ask questions, and connect over everything from fertility and pregnancy to menopause.

Founder and CEO Michelle Kennedy realised the potential positive impact that technology could have on women’s lives, and saw the opportunity to create the new networking platform to connect women.


Swoperz is a pre-loved subscription-based marketplace “run by kids and managed by grown-ups”. It empowers children in their clothing choices whilst being environmentally friendly as they can swap great quality, pre-loved clothes as many times as they like. Children are reimbursed with tokens when they upload an item and can use these tokens to “pay for” a different item on the platform. The user-verified environment allows children to swap in safety.

Founded in 2021 by Charlene Hurlock and Vicky Fuller, the pair saw a gap in the market, as second-hand clothing became more popular among all age groups, but was hard to find for children under the age of 16.

This Mother’s Day, make sure to do something that will make the life of a mother in your life slightly easier, and make sure to spoil her too!