Top foodtech startups serving up innovation

In recent years, the foodtech sector has rapidly evolved, leveraging technology to revolutionise the way we produce, distribute, and consume food. From plant-based alternatives to innovative farming techniques, foodtech startups are at the forefront of addressing global food challenges, enhancing sustainability, and improving nutrition.

This listicle explores some more of the top foodtech startups making significant strides in the industry, highlighting their innovative solutions and the impact they are having on the food landscape.


Bio2Coat is a foodtech startup based in Terrassa, Spain, which focuses on developing all-natural, edible coatings and films for food preservation. Founded by Farayde Matta Fakhouri and José Ignacio Velasco, the company aims to combat the dual issues of food waste and plastic use. Bio2Coat's unique coatings are designed to extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables, shield them from microbial contamination, and enhance their appearance.

This breakthrough technology not only prolongs the shelf life of fresh produce but also removes the necessity for plastic packaging, fostering more sustainable food practices.


Cultzyme, a Spanish foodtech startup that is based in Donostia-San Sebastián, specialises in creating advanced bioreactors for producing high-quality biosynthetic tissues. Cultzyme's bioreactors are engineered to support the cultivation of meat that mirrors the texture, taste, and aroma of traditional animal meat. This technology addresses key challenges in the cultivated meat industry, making significant strides towards replicating conventional meat characteristics.


Enifer, a Finnish foodtech startup founded in 2020, focuses on producing sustainable protein using fungal fermentation technology. The company has revitalised and commercialised the PEKILO technology, initially developed in the 1970s by the Finnish forest industry. This technology transforms industrial by-products into high-protein mycoprotein. Enifer is working to scale up the production of its PEKILO mycoprotein, aiming to serve various high-margin markets, including human food, pet food, and animal feed.


EvodiaBio, a Danish biotech startup established in 2021 and based in Copenhagen, specialises in producing sustainable aromas through precision fermentation. The company's goal is to create natural, eco-friendly scents for the food and beverage industries.

EvodiaBio's inaugural product, Yops, is an aroma blend crafted to improve the taste of non-alcoholic beer, tackling a major challenge in the brewing industry. By employing yeast cells to generate monoterpenoid aromas that replicate the scent profiles of hops, EvodiaBio's technology significantly reduces the need for traditional hop cultivation. This innovation cuts water and CO2 emissions by over 90%.


Mootral, a UK-based AgriTech startup founded in 2020, is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing animal health in agriculture. The company’s flagship product, Mootral Ruminant, is a natural feed supplement composed of a unique blend of garlic and citrus extracts. This supplement effectively reduces methane emissions from ruminant animals, such as cows and sheep, while boosting their overall health and productivity.

Mootral promotes climate-smart agriculture by offering solutions that benefit farmers, animals, and the environment. Its innovative approach not only mitigates the environmental impact of livestock farming but also supports farmers' economic sustainability by potentially increasing milk yields and decreasing reliance on antibiotics.


Revyve is a promising foodtech startup based in Wageningen, Netherlands, which focuses on innovating sustainable food ingredients. The company employs patented technology to transform brewer’s yeast into high-protein, fibre-rich ingredients. These ingredients are intended to replace animal proteins and synthetic additives in a variety of food products, including meat substitutes, snacks, pasta, sauces, and baked goods.

Revyve is set to launch its latest innovation, an egg-replacement ingredient, which promises to revolutionise food texture. This clean, minimally processed alternative delivers the sensory qualities consumers seek and is expected to be the first of its kind to achieve widespread commercial availability.

The foodtech sector is experience a transformative wave of innovation drive by startups like those included in this list. These trailblazers are cooking up solutions that not only sizzle with creativity but also promise to make food systems more sustainable.

With their eco-friendly approaches, they're proving that you can have your cake and eat it too – without harming the environment.