The top 20 Manchester startups to work for in 2021

Recruitment platform, Tempo has conducted extensive research into hundreds of amazing companies to create the Super Startups list - the 20 best startups to work in Manchester in 2021.

The companies on the list are selected based on their company mission, employee reviews, careers pages, and upfront information for potential new hires. To be considered for the list, companies must have launched in 2013 or after, have less than 400 employees and be founded in Manchester.

Tempo specialises in recruitment for young people and is passionate about getting this generation into work, especially amidst the current unemployment crisis the country is facing. They wanted to create this list to show some of the great startups that the city has to offer.

Ben Chatfield, CEO of Tempo said: "Now more than ever, jobseekers are looking at the bigger picture when it comes to the companies they want to work for. It's not just about topline growth and elaborate perks, it's about the mission, opportunities for learning and, crucially, how employees have been treated during the pandemic. With the Super Startups, we are delighted to recognise game-changing businesses that are also fantastic places to work."


A great place to work is all about culture. Culture Shift wants everyone to feel happy, supported and safe at work. Their unique platform enables employers to easily identify and prevent harassment and bullying so work can be smoooooth sailing. The team is a passionate bunch of big thinkers, and we’d be surprised if employees are given anything less than the very best treatment.

SUPERPOWER: Shaking things up for happiness at work


TickX wants you to find the tickets you need in a simple and hassle-free way. From the latest theatre shows to that small festival you’ve been waiting for, TickX puts it all in one place so all you have to do is hit that 'Buy now' button. And with founders that have a passion for the arts, employees are part of a creative and dedicated team of experts.

SUPERPOWER: Making event booking an experience to remember


Now here is a mission we can get on board with. People struggling with fertility issues might feel alone in the world, but they’re not - far from. Dr Fertility not only gives people a sense of community, but also the tools to succeed. The fertility market is growing fast and so is the company, while being caring, courageous and grateful along the way.

SUPERPOWER: Breaking down fertility barriers


Work just turned yummy at Yumi Nutrition. Here is a company that has successfully made vitamins trendy, while being served in delicious gummy form. Is there anything they can’t do? The team benefits from a generous holiday allowance, early finish Fridays and free breakfast, and we’d be surprised if there isn’t a Yumi or two as part of the package as well.

SUPERPOWER: Making sure that we all want to eat our vitamins

16. NIVO

The Nivo team is driven by a mission to make it as easy as possible for consumers to get the best products and services. Sounds pretty neat, right? Working with lenders, brokers, banks and credit unions, Nivo makes sure that finance is smart, fast and secure. The business is growing and employees are able to truly take ownership and make a real difference.

SUPERPOWER: Connecting businesses to give nothing but the best service


How awesome is it when cyclops shoot lasers from their eyes? Well, now we have the next best thing - and in real life. Fractory provides laser cutting quotes online in no time before sending off to production. Working here is just as cool. When the team isn’t tackling projects, they go out axe throwing or go karting - it’s one hell of a ride.

SUPERPOWER: Laser cutting products at the blink of an eye


Bad student accommodation can really turn uni life into a living nightmare. The Housemates team has been there, done that, and decided that there had to be a better way. Their new digital platform puts students first and makes everything transparent so finding a new home is as easy as booking a holiday. Now that’s a superpower worth writing home about.

SUPERPOWER: Making student accommodation work for students (finally)


Recognising the huge potential in business travel, Taptrip is modernising the experience by making travel personalised, more affordable and easy to manage, all at once. Business travel has finally entered the 21st century. Employees enjoy flexible working and generous holiday allowances which even include paid ‘paid’ holidays - yup, you read that right; the company pays £500 towards employees’ holidays.

SUPERPOWER: Modernising business travel so it works for you


Tootoot is giving a voice to children and young pupils so they can report any incidents or mental health concerns in a safe way. Making it easier for students to speak up, the easy-to-use app provides all the insights teachers need to respond. Built with a big heart, here is a true hero that can take the worries away before they linger.

SUPERPOWER: Enabling children to speak up for their happiness


Providing new, digital ways of working, Zaptic almost seems like it was built for a global pandemic. At Zaptic, it’s all about raising the standards, and that includes the standards of working as well. The team is a diverse bunch, and employees benefit from generous salary packages, flexible working hours, learning and development budget, and gym membership to stay fit and healthy outside of work.

SUPERPOWER: Connecting frontline teams with digital tools to success


Everything, all in one place. Wakelet is a handy platform that allows you to save, organise and share content from across the web, making everyone’s lives that much easier and neater. At the heart of this great idea is a team with a strong set of values. From dreaming big to playing as a team, it’s a company anyone can believe in.

SUPERPOWER: Making content more organised than ever


Netacea is the hero that protects websites, mobile apps and APIs from malicious attacks. Since Netacea came to town you’ve never been safer. Working at the company means being in it together and being given the autonomy to succeed. From social events, flexible working hours and great career progression, here is a team with a force to be reckoned with.

SUPERPOWER: Harnessing the power of AI to protect websites


Working to build a better future for everyone, Upside Energy knows that fossil fuels should be a thing of the past. The platform makes it easy to tap into renewable technologies, and the team sees only upsides to committing to this cause. In addition to building a better tomorrow, employees get a long list of benefits and flexibility to keep them safe, healthy and happy.

SUPERPOWER: Leading the way for a renewable future


Helping those who need it most is a defining quality of any superhero. And Goodbox encompasses just that, using technology to connect charities with the donations they need. Helping humanity is at the heart of the company and employees truly are part of something quite special. The team rates each other highly and loves the challenging and fast-paced environment.

SUPERPOWER: Revolutionising the charity sector through technology


Push Doctor is revolutionising healthcare as we know it, simple as that. Except revolutionising an industry is not a simple job at all, and the team is a super creative, driven and ambitious bunch that are working hard to support the company’s further success. Employees rate the culture, the perks and of course, the opportunity to make a real difference to people’s lives.

SUPERPOWER: Pioneering the way for digital healthcare


It’s time to open up your heart to OpenMoney. This superhero is here to help you take control of your money and start planning for the future. OpenMoney believes that financial advice should be accessible to everyone, and this is a team that truly cares. The company keeps it casual and offers a range of benefits to make work work for you.

SUPERPOWER: Financial power to the people


With a mission to move real estate into the digital age, being a part of Street Group definitely gives a bit of street cred. Here is a team that dreams big and moves fast, and employees’ hard work is rewarded with a long list of awesome benefits, including £1,000 towards a holiday after they’ve been there a year. Yes, you read that right!

SUPERPOWER: Moving real estate into the 21st century


Airtime Rewards sees the emotive power of 'money off your phone bill' and uses a mobile currency so shoppers save when they buy. Smart. The team works on a shared ambition of revolutionsing rewards and each member of the team is encouraged to fully be themselves while they do so. With individualism as the cornerstone of their culture, Airtime Rewards is definitely one to watch.

SUPERPOWER: Rewarding loyalty with money off your phone bill


Peak is on a mission to give businesses the power to drive value from their data with AI, meaning no man gets left behind in this growing world of tech. Working for Peak is something that gets you up in the morning. The company encourages a shared sense of ownership whilst also being somewhere fun where people can establish a meaningful career that they love.

SUPERPOWER: Making businesses peak with AI


Padoq creates great apps so companies can put themselves on the map. With their innovative technology they can make an app in no time, at a fraction of the cost. Now there’s a way to get appy customers. The Padoq team believes that work is more than just a job, and offers a lot of flexibility, social events and never-ending snacks. Jump on in.

SUPERPOWER: Increasing brand engagement through apps

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Startup Details



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