Time management for smart startup growth

Starting a business is tough, growing it and scaling it even tougher.

So how can smart time management help you and your business grow?


At the beginning, you have limited resources, with the majority of the time the founder carrying the load of what needs to be done. Inevitably you will reach a point where you feel that you need some help.

Now before dashing to review your finances or options of bringing on some sort of support, a great next step can be tightening up how you work, where you spend your time and the systems and processes of the business.

This then means that when you do bring on a new team member, you are sure that the work that they will do will add value and that you can bring them into the business with ease as this will all be prepped and set up.

This is also a smart move if you have limited resources and don’t have the option of bringing someone in to help you continue to drive forwards for longer.

It is important to be clear on what this next step will help you to achieve. Not only will you be spending more time on the right things, but it will help you reach the next point in a lean and smart way. However, you need to be clear on where that will help you get to and why.

So how can you improve your time management?

The first step is focussing on the right things to move your business forwards, with being clear on your strategic objectives and how you are going to deliver the key. This is a super useful exercise if you haven’t done this already, as it then means that the quality and output of your time will increase tenfold.

Then take a look at how you work, what you do, what tasks are repeated and what could be automated. Where is everything kept, does it save you time and will it be easy if someone else joins the team to work with you on this? Make changes accordingly.

Finally, it is how you spend the time itself and ensure that you are being productive. Block chunks of time in the week to get tasks done, maintaining focus by adding in breaks in between a few hours blocked out so you can maintain it.

There is no shortage of time management tools out there, so find one that first your working style and how you like to see the information. With the fact that there may be other team members wanting to use it, think about your business and one that would match your growth plans. Your role is then to make sure you know what you should be doing when and for how long to input into it. It does take time to set up, however once done you can maintain it easily with weekly routines and monthly check-ins.

Procrastination is a luxury you don’t have time for. Remind yourself that you can do this and why you are, refocus and get back on it. Sometimes starting with a smaller task can help, however, the simple fact is if you are serious about your business you just need to get on with it.

Once you feel you have the above nailed, and that you are working in the most efficient way, then you are ready to grow further.

Benefits to mastering your time management include:

  • Increased startup growth
  • Better quality output
  • Improved ability to grow your team
  • Reduced procrastination
  • Increased focus
  • Productivity
  • Improved fulfilment
  • Less stress
  • More time
  • More growth potential
  • Increased opportunities

If you want to get ahead you need to be smart with your time and committed to spending it on the right things.