Three reasons London leads in global tech talent

London Tech Week 2024 is buzzing with energy, according to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London.

During an interview at the show, Khan emphasised why London continues to attract global tech talent, pointing to three key factors: its diverse and inclusive culture, world-class educational institutions, and a robust support ecosystem for startups.

Khan highlighted the dynamic and multicultural environment of London, which he believes is a major draw for tech professionals worldwide. He noted the palpable energy at the event, saying: “It's difficult to explain and articulate, but it's real. There's a real buzz. I've spoken to people with various accents. I'm told there are people from 140 countries here in London Tech Week, and it is a global connecting place.”

London's prestigious universities and research facilities are crucial in attracting and nurturing tech talent. These institutions continuously supply the tech industry with highly skilled graduates. Khan pointed out: “In addition to our underlying strengths, where we are, the time zone, top universities, the language, it's also the fact that we have great connectivity. We're improving every day.”

Khan also emphasised the importance of London's support system for startups, which includes access to funding, collaborative workspaces, and a clear regulatory environment. He stated: “Our openness to types of innovation, to investment, to ideas, and those three ingredients really build on our design trends.”

Khan underscored London’s role as a "testbed for tech with a purpose," particularly in addressing global challenges like climate action and air pollution. He highlighted the use of technology in these areas, showcasing London’s commitment to innovation with a purpose.

When asked to describe London Tech Week in three words, Khan responded with: “Energy, (calculated) risk, and fun. I challenge anybody who comes to London Tech Week, whether it's from Shoreditch or Sri Lanka, not to have a great time here.”

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