London Summit 2024 concludes concluded its 2024 annual tech summit in London., owned by Webrazzi, the most influential tech media company in the EMEA region, had hosted over 100 events since its founding 17 years ago.

Key highlights of the London Summit 2024 included addresses from Saqib Bhatti, the UK Minister for Technology, and Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Turkiye Minister for Technology. Webrazzi, the parent company of, was also afforded the privilege of opening the London Stock Exchange on Friday, 17th May, before the final day of the conference commenced. The VIP Reception and Night Party provided attendees with additional networking opportunities, while the highly popular startup stage gave over 25 founders the opportunity to pitch to investors.

Participants had access to the Events app, developed by Webrazzi Technology, and used over the course of the summit. Through the app, a total of 3,000 messages were exchanged, and 300 meetings organised, enabling founders and technology experts to trade ideas and discuss innovation. The Summit is an annual conference that brings together key stakeholders in the European tech industry and is designed to facilitate connections and discussions around the most important issues facing the industry. This year’s event took place in London for the first time and attracted a variety of startup founders, technology journalists, VCs, and investors.

In his address, Saqib Bhatti provided an overview of how the Technology sector had grown in recent years, stating that government policy had been a key enabler. He mentioned: “Today, the UK Technology sector is worth over £1 trillion – only the third country to meet this feat.” He was succeeded by the Turkish Minister for Technology, Mehmet Fatih Kacır, who talked about how Turkiye is emerging as a growing innovation hub for technology, asserting that it has hundreds of companies with unicorn potential. He encouraged entrepreneurs to consider working in the country and benefiting from its young and enthusiastic workforce. The median age of entrepreneurs in Turkiye is 10 years lower than the European average.

There were also a range of presentations from startup founders. Matt Ondler, president of Axiom, for example, discussed how the conditions in Space enable stem cells to grow rapidly, providing opportunities to develop new drugs at a considerably faster rate. He also asserted that the conditions will enable the printing of human organs. In addition, there were numerous panel discussions, roundtables, and presentations centred on important technology-related topics such as deep tech, climate tech, AI, tech and wellness, quantum computing, SaaS, Web3, and more.

The UK Technology Sector was ranked the best in Europe and third in the world at the end of 2022, reaching a combined market value of $1 trillion (£793.8 billion). Furthermore, the UK Tech Workforce is expanding. According to the CompTIA State of the Tech Workforce UK 2023 Report, net-tech employment had increased by 75,280 new jobs since 2017. These statistics demonstrated the size and scalability of the technology sector within the UK, and by moving its conference to London, aimed to bring the biggest event uniting the technology ecosystem in the world’s capital of tech.

Commenting on the conference, Arda Kutsal, Founder and CEO of Webrazzi, said: “We’re delighted to arrive in London with our Summit. This milestone marks a significant step in our expansion efforts within the UK market. Our ambition is to establish the Summit as a major tech event in London, uniting all tech elites in the UK and Europe.”