TapIn Launches D&I Research Arm After Major Black Gen Z Talent Study

The UK-based company known for conducting the most extensive study on UK Black Gen Z employees has introduced a pioneering research and insights division focused on improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the UK workplace.

Creative agency TapIn unveiled its inaugural #ThisIsBlackGenZ report in 2022, surveying 2,000 Black Gen Z individuals about their experiences with organisational attraction, recruitment, and retention.

In 2023, TapIn broadened its study to encompass 2,500 Black professionals, resulting in the most detailed examination of Black talent thus far. The research gained significant attention, featuring in major news outlets in both the UK and the US.

With the foundation of TapInsights, TapIn has established a centre for independent research offering custom research services. This initiative aims to assist companies and employers in understanding and harnessing diversity within their teams and accessing diverse talent pools. TapInsights represents the fruition of TapIn's research endeavours, underscoring its dedication to converting research outcomes into practical, effective strategies for employers.

Over the last two years, TapIn's research covering various sectors, including FMCG, Retail, Defence, Engineering, Law Enforcement, and Government, has delivered pivotal findings. These include challenges in attracting and retaining Black talent and the impact of internal Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). The introduction of TapInsights is set to further translate these discoveries into actionable intelligence for employers.

Milimo Banji, Founder of TapIn, added: "The launch of TapInsights marks a new chapter in our mission to advocate for and empower diverse talent. We believe in the power of research to drive meaningful change, and with TapInsights, we can and will support clients in making impactful strides towards diversity and inclusion.

“We want to help organisations bridge the gap between awareness and action, providing employers with the tools and insights needed to foster truly inclusive work environments."