Supporting Survivors of Financial Crime

Nasdaq has recently announced its partnership with UK-based charity TRIBE Freedom Foundation, a community focused on fighting human trafficking and modern slavery.

Nasdaq will support TRIBE Freedom Foundation in the creation of TRIBE Survivor Financial Empowerment Programme, a centralised portal, including content, practical tools and educational financial literacy material, tailored for financial institutions and survivor support organisations to support survivors. Through its anti-financial-crime technology business, Nasdaq is focused on developing and leveraging advanced technology solutions to uphold market integrity and combat financial crime. The partnership with TRIBE Freedom Foundation is another step in Nasdaq’s ambitions to advance its support to communities and victims most affected by financial crime. 


“Nasdaq has doubled-down on our mission to fight financial crime as part of our purpose of championing inclusive growth and safeguarding the integrity of the global financial ecosystem,” said Valerie Bannert-Thurner, SVP and Head of Anti-Financial-Crime Technology at Nasdaq. “Through our partnership with TRIBE, our ambition is to leverage our extensive network and expertise in anti-financial-crime technology to educate the industry and its employees on the wide-spread existence of financial crime, while establishing support for communities working to help survivors gain freedom and financial independence.”

“TRIBE Freedom Foundation and our community have been on a mission to end modern slavery since 2013. One of our key objectives is to provide long-term support for survivors of modern slavery,” said Tom Stancliffe, Co-Founder and Managing Director at the TRIBE Freedom Foundation. “This exciting partnership with Nasdaq enables us to promote financial empowerment for survivors across the financial sector, providing vital tools that will help change lives. Financial independence is a crucial step in every survivor’s recovery; empowering them to flourish and rebuild their lives.”  

“Through this partnership, we have seen firsthand how passionate the TRIBE community is,” said Darren Innes, Head of AML Products at Nasdaq. “Their values and goals of combatting human trafficking and modern slavery align with Nasdaq’s ambitions to safeguard the capital markets and detect illicit proceeds from crimes related to human trafficking. This partnership with TRIBE Freedom Foundation leverages our combined capabilities and networks to create long-lasting impact for survivors.”

The partnership is built upon TRIBE’s previous work with the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, outlining the role that the financial services industry can play to advance the efforts in combating modern slavery and empowering survivors. To further these efforts, Nasdaq and TRIBE Freedom Foundation will, in addition to the TRIBE Survival Empowerment Programme, establish numerous awareness and fundraising activities to be delivered throughout 2022. 

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