Startups Magazine at The Business Show 2022 with Ujji

We spoke to Ujji, gamified up-skilling for the new generation of work, about who they are and what they do, as well as how they found the Business Show 2022.

Ujji has created a methodology that is neuroscience backed and made up of games and activities to help employees in startups and scaleups acquire the soft skills for the modern world of work.

“What we see is that startups and scaleups, they have to obviously expand and scale very quickly, and they hire just as fast,” said Rafael Guper. “They don’t have a training plan to keep these employees in their A game for the long term.”

This is actually a really big burden for startups.

Regarding The Business Show, Ujji has made lots of contacts and connections and had some great leads as well. “We won the Innovation of the Year awards here as well,” notes Guper.