Startup Summit semifinalists: Konglomerate Games

Konglomerate games is a video games company specializing in providing healthcare and other serious game development or gamification services. What that means for us, is taking the best bits of video games and applying them to other non-video game scenarios like education, where the main focus isn’t only entertainment. Our current project is a video game designed around the physiotherapy care of children with cystic fibrosis.

Where did the idea come from?

We all have a passion for games here at Konglomerate and we wanted to use peoples love for games in a positive way. We thought that the best way to do that was through Konglomerate Games where we can create games to help people. We began our current project after being introduced to Project Fizzyo at university, an initiative to improve the care of children with cystic fibrosis.

How many are on your team?

There are currently four of us working full time here at Konglomerate Games, myself (Jamie Bankhead), Sam Gainty, Adam Finch and Stephen MacLeod.

What is the main goal?

Our main goal is to try and create games which help as many people as we can.

How did you hear about the Startup Summit Competition and what made you apply?

We heard about the Startup Summit through a business newsletter and the competition sounded like it was a fantastic opportunity and I had recognised one of the previous year’s winners as a company who were on a similar journey to ourselves.

What makes your business different?

There really isn’t anything like us within the healthcare space and we hope to set the standard for physiotherapy care games moving forward.

What have some of the biggest challenges been so far?

Some of our biggest challenges have been starting full time operations whilst still under lockdown as well as navigating the different procurement processes in each of the various NHS Health Districts.

How did COVID affect you?

Video games development is thankfully already very well adapted to remote working. As we had not yet begun working in an office space there was no need for a transitional period, and we were able to hit the ground running when we started full time.

What do you have planned for the future?

Our plan is to launch our flagship game for children with cystic fibrosis and begin developing and expanding a suite of physiotherapy games as well as taking on contracts for other gamification projects throughout.

Describe your startup journey in one sentence?

Our journey so far has been very exciting we’ve been so lucky to meet so many fantastic people and each day has been completely different to the last.