The start up on a mission to combat loneliness

While the world battles a loneliness epidemic, reinforced by COVID-19 imposed lockdown and social-distancing, a new, rapid growth startup uses technology to help solve the problem for companies individuals. Panion has recently announced a suite of features that solidify the startup's position as the most exciting new virtual community-building app in the world. Panion encourages its members to be authentically themselves and to lean into the interests that make them unique.

According to the latest Cigna Loneliness Index, 61% of adults say they're lonely. Over a quarter of millennials report having no close friends, and Gen Z is the loneliest generation to date. Despite the number of social apps available, people are struggling to form genuine connections. On top of this, with the added demand for remote and flexible working - now enforced by the Coronavirus pandemic - employees are currently experiencing isolation in a manner never previously imagined; today's organisations are struggling to adapt. 

Panion is the only app designed to solve social isolation for both individuals and organisations. The platform provides a unique space to enhance social wellness with a focus on genuine, meaningful relationships by using data-driven insights to allow people to connect with those who share their interests. For the first time, Panion is bringing together tools for virtual community building, content sharing, event hosting, communication, and one-to-one connections, all in one place. Users can efficiently search and filter thousands of members based on shared goals and interests and also leverage the geolocation tool to connect with people in their local area. 

From digital nomads and remote workers to those simply looking to meet like-minded people with common interests, this startup is taking on the challenge of tackling loneliness across all areas of our lives. Panion is responding to the demand of internet users who are increasingly drawn to online communities as a safer online space to be themselves, have meaningful conversations, and make genuine connections. Unlike existing platforms, this app harnesses data to build curated communities that have an intentional, positive impact on the world around us.  

With many companies announcing that remote working will be in place until 2021, solutions for creating engaged teams, virtually, have never been so important. Organisations that focus on genuine team building by developing authentic relationships look to save billions per year by preventing loneliness related absences, reducing turnover, and improving productivity by creating a happy and engaged workforce.   

The app, which is now available in over 160 countries with over 125,000 individual users, has been developing a range of new features that brings it in line with the most prominent social media networks in the world. 

New features include:

  • A targeted feed that prioritises people nearby with common interests to help you make meaningful connections
  • Community message boards for a more tailored user experience 
  • Member generated gatherings allowing users to easily and spontaneously host and track events
  • Features will allow members to hold paid workshops and events to monetize knowledge sharing and enable other members to learn new skills
  • Database searchable by keywords helping users connect based on shared interests and goals
  • Using data to identify loneliness and isolation within organisations 
  • Data-driven insights to give you the tools to make members and employees happier
  • Freemium version for grassroots and social organisations to help change the world 
  • Two forthcoming features include: paid tiered memberships and advanced filtering options

Melanie Aronson, Founder of Panion, said: "In 2020 we're more connected than ever before, spending hours a day on social media with thousands of followers across different social networks - yet at the same time, we've never been lonelier. Rather than providing a solution to isolation, most social media platforms are causing more damage than good. Sharing only the best moments of life, and none of the reality can mean our feeds reinforce the misconception that we're alone in feeling lonely and isolated."

"We're not your typical social networking app." Aronson continued. "We're not looking to mine users' data for the benefit of advertising – rather, we use data intelligently to help build genuine relationships. Panion isn't about sharing content to get thousands of likes and shares; we want to mirror the way people socialise and build connections in real life – while allowing them also to bring those relationships into a virtual space." 

Panion works with a range of organisations from corporates to universities, as well as individuals, to provide users with a more engaging, localised and meaningful online experience. 

Panion, which has raised over 350,000 in funding since its launch in 2018, is supported by global leaders across the tech ecosystem, including David Helgason, Founder of Unity Technologies, and Klaus Nyengaard, former CEO of Just Eat.