Stackt raises over £1M in latest investment round

Stackt, a technology startup developing innovative moving and storage systems, raises a seven-figure sum from a group of investors in a new round. Thanks to its innovative technology, it provides services that are more accessible and cost-effective.

Despite only being on the market since May 2021, the company has experienced a year-on-year growth of 456% and 4,000 orders with its team based on three continents. Stackt delivers hassle-free, stress-free living and low-cost solutions for more than just the young.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, the founders of the British startup company have been able to build a successful business: "A lot of international students were stuck in their home countries. They had left the UK during the lockdown, thinking they'd be back soon. But now, with borders closed, they couldn't come back, and their stuff was still in their UK dorms and apartments. They had no one to help them move or store their things. Seeing this, we decided to help. In the following months, we visited and helped out in hundreds of homes and apartments ourselves, packing up belongings with our own hands and either moving them to a new place or taking them to storage. As we were doing this, we learned a lot from talking to our customers and people working in the industry." - says Rashid Aliyev, Co-Founder of Stackt.

The company is closing a new investment round with investors and partners: ZAKA VC, Metropolis Ventures, Startup GYM, Syndicate Room and a few more UK and international VCs. Stackt aims to fuel its dynamic growth further and break into foreign markets. The startup has also introduced innovative technologies for B2B sectors.

Andrej Petrus, Head of Investment Committee, ZAKA VC explains: "The team of Stackt provides an excellent customer experience, digitizing the whole moving and storage process for the end customer. You can send and retrieve your items via their movers from and to the storage facility, like having your own cloud for physical items. The housing market situation and rising rent costs are unfortunately pushing people to live in smaller and cheaper spaces, but you can make it more spacious if you can store large part of your belongings in your "physical cloud" and get it shipped back to you on-demand when needed."

Already firmly rooted in the UK, Stackt is looking to expand its business into European markets and the US. New York, in particular, is a priority market, as data indicates it is booming location for storage solutions driven by mobility and urban living trends.

Globally, almost 50% of young people, described as Generation Z and millennials, move each year, and 25% will move as many as ten times in their lifetime. Up to 63% of these young people live in rented accommodation.

Stackt wants to be a global player in this growing market. Modern digital solutions make it possible to transport and store things we don't want to throw away but store safely with a simple click. The goal is to create such digitally accessible storage facilities for every home in major cities worldwide while also becoming an invaluable partner for businesses that supply various products to their clients. Modern technology solutions also make the whole process more efficient and cheaper for the customer, which is the primary goal of the company's founders:

"We realised that the world of moving and storage is behind the times. Most companies are still doing things the old way - no technology, just manual labour, making it pricey and not very user-friendly. We believed that with modern technology, we could change that." - says Rashid Aliyev, co-founder of Stackt.

The B2B business segment is increasingly leaning towards on-demand delivery and storage solutions. A team of active experts on three continents provides quality services for small and large customers. Moving and storage turns into a simple, inexpensive process without unnecessary stress.