Spaceship showcases AI-powered logistics platform at CES

Spaceship, a global logistics tech startup originating in Hong Kong, is excited to announce its debut at CES 2024 as an exhibitor. Committed to defining the future of E-commerce logistics, Spaceship will showcase its vision and technology powered by artificial intelligence.

Unveiling the Spaceship Pro, the logistics SaaS platform powered by its in-house model MAG Gen-1, the innovative AI logistics assistant will bring intelligent automation to shipping processes, optimising costs and efficiency for online retailers worldwide. With the support of machine learning and data algorithms, Spaceship Pro offers round-the-clock active optimisation, ensuring that online retailers can maximise cost savings on every shipment.

Spaceship Pro dynamically provides the most cost-effective shipping plans by continuously analysing daily orders, fulfilment centre locations, and fluctuating carrier costs. This proactive approach keeps eCommerce businesses ahead of the curve in logistics management.

Spaceship Pro goes beyond mere data visualisation. It offers actionable suggestions to enhance shipping performance and streamline processes. By leveraging advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, the AI assistant identifies areas for improvement and provides tailored recommendations to optimise shipping operations. This results in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

“With AI and data technology, Spaceship Pro is not just a tool but a game-changer in the E-commerce industry. This revolutionary solution brings unparalleled efficiency and cost savings to online retailers worldwide,” Said Stanley Wong, CPO and co-founder of Spaceship. “We are honoured to present our future commitment to the global logistics industry in CES, we believe our team is leading the transformation supported by our strong foundation in platform, carrier, and warehousing network.”

A Harvard Business Review study discovered that 73% of consumers utilise multiple channels during their shopping experience. However, 34% of brands lack the necessary software integrations to manage their orders from multiple channels which results in losing customers. In addition, 28% of brands claimed that they do not have inventory visibility across stores, warehouses, and vendors. Spaceship accessed the global E-commerce market in 2022 to smoothen the operation and cost efficiency by providing platform technology and cross-border solutions in a one-stop format.

To learn how online retailers can benefit from Spaceship Pro and its AI-powered features, visit Spaceship at CES from 9th – 12th January with the booth information below:

Venetian Hall

AI / Robot section

Booth no. 16