Sobo launches consultant matching platform

Sobo, an Atlanta-based startup that helps business owners build more profitable companies, introduced its SaaS-based consulting platform.

It is the first AI-enabled product that combines vetted, fractional consultant matching and competitive benchmarking with deep, actionable insights and key metrics.

Sobo integrates effectively with a company’s existing Cloud-based financial, HR and CRM applications. It allows business leaders to identify areas where consultants are needed to grow their companies while mitigating costly expenses. It shows how a company ranks against its competitors, reveals gaps in their business and identifies issues of which their leadership may not be aware.

“With Sobo you’re getting a team of vetted consultants who are essentially ‘business doctors’ looking at a company’s performance 24/7 and making recommendations on actions to improve performance,” said Sobo Founder and CEO Robert Burke. “Our platform’s insights are discoveries performed on companies’ data anonymously. It is a very powerful technology that until now, did not exist.”

Sobo offers engagement assurance versus consulting arrangements made through traditional marketplaces where 50% or more of relationships fail. Many companies either pick the wrong consultant or type of engagement because they misidentify their needs and may lack the knowledge to hire and integrate the right consulting resource.

FORTUNE 500 companies work with consultants frequently and have people and budgets dedicated to vetting and hiring advisers. For the majority of small- to mid-size businesses, it’s an entirely different story. Most engage consultants infrequently and don’t have dedicated staff to properly evaluate and secure services that drive successful outcomes.

A game changer

It’s no secret that small- to mid-size companies face workforce shortages and accessing top talent is difficult because larger companies snap them up as soon as they become available. The larger companies are getting a disproportionate number of the best and brightest, which is increasing the need for fractional consulting among smaller companies. They need departmental leadership but can’t always afford full-time resources.

To better accommodate companies’ needs, Sobo is available in three tiers: Freemium which is a no-cost starter plan with basic access to certain Sobo features and the ability to purchase premium services ala carte; Standard, a cost-effective solution that provides essentials to get started and access to premium services as needed for $499 a month; Pro, which includes all of the platform’s features and resources for $999 a month.