Smart water sensor and hand hygiene: primary school fights against COVID

Vivalys is the first school in the world to automatically measure the level of hand hygiene of its students through connected water sensors. Developed by the startup, Droople, this first of its kind solution will contribute to the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Since implementing this innovative system, the Vivalys School has notably observed a tendency to decreased absences due to various childhood illnesses (gastroenteritis, flu, and colds). Mobilised for children's safety during this pandemic period, this innovative solution has therefore proven its usefulness.

The data collected by Droople’s sensors are displayed in real time on a screen and on our website. Analysed daily by our students in the form of graphs and statistics, this information represents an additional source of learning as part of our operative and iterative pedagogy (POI), which systematically links the teaching of fundamental knowledge to concrete experience.

Droople smart sensors

Providing users with fine-grained water consumption, the level of hand hygiene, the handwashing time, or the energy used to heat the water, these are some of the possibilities offered by the solution provided by the swiss startup, Droople, now partner of the Vivalys School.

Startup Details

Startup Details



Droople is providing businesses with a retrofit solution to efficiently manage their fleet of water-driven assets and buildings.

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    Vaud, Geneve, Switzerland
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    Peter Racz, Ramzi Bouzerda
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